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Last active Jul 1, 2022
Polkadot's Monthly Staking Update

DEPRECATED: Polkadot Staking Progress Report

I started this gist as an index for all of the staking reports. Almost a year in, we migrated everything to This page will no longer be updated:


Polkadot's staking system is among the most complicated in the blockchain ecosystem. The relay chain's validator set is securing not just the state transition of the relay chain itself, but also a potentially large number of parallel chains, or parachains for short. Since security is its main goal, Polkadot has been designed with a complicated, and strict staking system, optimized for locking the most amount of tokens at stake while spreading that stake as evenly as possible to maximize decentralization - all with the goal of effectively minimizing the possibility of the validator set becoming compromised. Read more about this here, or watch [this](https://www