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Created January 15, 2017 21:35
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Shell Script to Create iMessage Sticker Pack Icons for XCode
# takes src.png (assume 1024x1024) and creates the icons required for an iMessage sticker pack
# run on mac: sh src.png
convert $1 -resize 1024x768^ -background white -gravity center -extent 1024x768 messages-app-store-1024x768.png # aspect ratio 1.333
convert $1 -resize 96x72^ -background white -gravity center -extent 96x72 messages-32x24@3x.png # aspect ratio 1.333
convert $1 -resize 64x48^ -background white -gravity center -extent 64x48 messages-32x24@2x.png # aspect ratio 1.333
convert $1 -resize 81x60^ -background white -gravity center -extent 81x60 messages-27x20@3x.png # aspect ratio 1.353
convert $1 -resize 54x40^ -background white -gravity center -extent 54x40 messages-27x20@2x.png # aspect ratio 1.350
convert $1 -resize 148x110^ -background white -gravity center -extent 148x110 messages-ipad-pro-74x55@2x.png # aspect ratio 1.345
convert $1 -resize 134x100^ -background white -gravity center -extent 134x100 messages-ipad-67x50@2x.png # aspect ratio 1.340
convert $1 -resize 58x58^ -background white -gravity center -extent 58x58 ipad-settings-29x29@2x.png # aspect ratio 1.000
convert $1 -resize 180x135^ -background white -gravity center -extent 180x135 messages-iphone-60x45@3x.png # aspect ratio 1.333
convert $1 -resize 120x90^ -background white -gravity center -extent 120x90 messages-iphone-60x45@2x.png # aspect ratio 1.333
convert $1 -resize 87x87^ -background white -gravity center -extent 87x87 iphone-settings-29x29@3x.png # aspect ratio 1.000
convert $1 -resize 58x58^ -background white -gravity center -extent 58x58 iphone-settings-29x29@2x.png # aspect ratio 1.000
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