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Created Oct 5, 2021
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import React from 'react';
import { Switch, Route, Link } from 'react-router-dom';
import { Layout, Typography, Space } from 'antd';
import { Exchanges, Homepage, News, Cryptocurrencies, CryptoDetails, Navbar } from './components';
import './App.css';
const App = () => (
<div className="app">
<div className="navbar">
<Navbar />
<div className="main">
<div className="routes">
<Route exact path="/">
<Homepage />
<Route exact path="/exchanges">
<Exchanges />
<Route exact path="/cryptocurrencies">
<Cryptocurrencies />
<Route exact path="/crypto/:coinId">
<CryptoDetails />
<Route exact path="/news">
<News />
<div className="footer">
<Typography.Title level={5} style={{ color: 'white', textAlign: 'center' }}>Copyright © 2021
<Link to="/">
Martin Kimani.
</Link> <br />
All Rights Reserved.
<Link to="/">Home</Link>
<Link to="/exchanges">Exchanges</Link>
<Link to="/news">News</Link>
export default App;
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