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// declare bullet pools
var activeBullets = [];
var bulletPool = [];
// construct some bullets ready for use
for (var i=0; i < 20; i++)
bulletPool.push( new Bullet() );
// a constructor/factory function
function getNewBullet()
var b = null;
// check to see if there is a spare one
if (bulletPool.length > 0)
b = bulletPool.pop();
// none left, construct a new one
b = new Bullet();
// move the new bullet to the active array
return b;
function freeBullet(b)
// find the active bullet and remove it
// NOTE: Not using indexOf since it wont work in IE8 and below
for (var i=0, l=activeBullets.length; i < l; i++)
if (activeBullets[i] == b)
array.slice(i, 1);
// return the bullet back into the pool

Hi, thanks for sharing this! I'm using a very similar code inspired on this gist for a game engine I'm building but looking to improve performance. Could you please explain line 32 "array.slice(i, 1);"? I'm using splice activeBullets on this line but splice is expensive and would rather use slice. However, I don't understand how slicing would work here and where "array" comes from.. or is this a native js function. FYI: I'm looping through activeBullets to update/draw my objects. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers!

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