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Last active May 1, 2019 20:23
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What would you like to do?
  • Complete re-write using new info/api endpoints
  • Get Rid of MongoDB, switch to JSON or SQLite (simpler installation)
  • At some point I’ll need to cross-link temp sensors and gpio pins (for PID control of things)
  • Install MEAN on Raspberry Pi
  • Read DS18B20 Temperatures on Raspberry Pi using Node.js
  • Read/Write Raspberry Pi GPIO ports using Node
  • Host MEAN Based Site
  • Display Temperatures on MEAN site (single page)
  • GPIO Port Interface on MEAN site (single page)
  • Display Status (updated 12/23/2013, been done for a while though)
  • Buttons for On/Off (updated 12/23/2013!!! couldn’t get stuff from client side to server side)
  • Make a Configuration Section
  • Configuration section for temperature sensors (checkbox for active/inactive, input for calibration)
  • Config section for gpio pins (manually add/remove pins, mode (read/write, not needed at the moment since I don’t have any GPIO sensors), safe value (what is off?), initial value)
  • Split up page into their appropriate pages (Home/Recipes/History/Setup/etc) (updated 12/26/2013)
  • Graph Data (real-time) (was after “Store Data in MongoDB”) (updated 12/28/2013)
  • Create fake rpi-gpio and ds18b20 modules for development off of pi
  • Setup vagrant machine for development off of pi
  • Setup data structure
  • Setup System database to store state/values of the system
  • Add Brew Attributes (Name, Brewer) to front page and Start/Pause/Stop controls
  • Store Brew Data in MongoDB
  • Make a recipes section (was before “Store Data in MongoDB”, I’m not sure why).
  • Display Previously stored graphs/data
  • Implement the control bits (PID)
  • Implement “push button brewing” (Recipe has a list of steps/times, raspberry pi follows directions)
  • Redesign to be node-based
  • Add login/logout type stuff to Raspberry Pi site
  • Add in social features
  • Integrate Raspberry Pi brwry into website (probably as “read” only)
  • Make a network setup on first run (i.e. download new card, it sets up a point to point wifi network allowing input of SSID/password stuff.
  • Make card image for sharing
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