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Last active October 9, 2020 08:56
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moment 2.26.0 changelog


  • #5548 [bugfix] isoWeeksInISOWeekYear in moment.d.ts
  • #5526 [bugfix] Add 'w' to supported time units
  • #5525 [bugfix] Update the type definition of the humanize() API, fix compilation error

Locale improvements

  • #5447 [locale] zh-cn: Improve next/prev week
  • #5553 [locale] ru: simplify regex
  • #5433 [locale] br: Add meridiem translation and correct quotemark
  • #4701 [locale] tr: Add meridiem support
  • #5264 [locale] en-au: Sunday is first day of week
  • #5502 [locale] Fix Indian week start date and week number
  • #5523 [locale] (ar-dz) improve translation
  • #5546 [locale] (sw) Improve Translation
  • #5551 [locale] id: Sunday changed to first day of week


  • #5519 [tests] Get TS tests working on Windows with cross-env
  • #5543 [tests] Use eslint 6.x to fix travis builds
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