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moment 2.24.0 changelog


  • #4445 [bugfix] (TypeScript) allow update of a single relativeTime handler
  • #4338 [bugfix] Fix startOf/endOf DST issues while boosting performance
  • #4849 [bugfix] locale/en-ie.js date format
  • #4887 [bugfix] Make Duration#as work with quarters
  • #4912 [bugfix] pipeline breaks with rollup v0.68


  • #4553 [feature] Add localeSort param to Locale weekday methods

New locales

  • #4875 [new locale] Adding Italian (Swiss) it-ch
  • #4930 [new locale] Adding Irish language (ga)
  • #4951 [new locale] Added support for en-SG (Singapore)

Locale improvements

  • #4682 [locale] fo: Fixed relativeTimes for m and M (#4609)
  • #4771 [locale] Extend cs locale with name of the months in genitive
  • #4954 [locale] (es-us) long date is D [de] MMMM [de] YYYY
  • #4557 [locale] Capitalization of pt month names
  • #4558 [locale] Capitalization pt-br month names and tests
  • #4590 [locale] ja: fix long month names
  • #4377 [locale] es-us: Update month parsing to be dot lenient
  • #4544 [locale] te: Fix typo in july
  • #4936 [locale] Update hour to standard dialect for gom-latn


  • #4959 [misc] Remove unused variable defaults


  • #4913 [tests] relative time threshold doesn't work for multiple
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