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Created June 18, 2020 21:47
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moment 2.27.0 changelog


  • #5566 [bugfix] update moment.d.ts for calendar

New locales

  • #5522 [new locale] tk: Add Turkmen

Locale improvements

  • #4617 [locale] it: Improve future relative time
  • #5595 [locale] fi: fix ss not returning the number of seconds
  • #4697 [locale] gu: Improve past relativeTime
  • #5561 [locale] (sw) Changed LT to include meridiem
  • #5520 [locale] de, de-at, de-ch: add german translation for week
  • #4766 [locale] vi: Improve short months
  • #5555 [locale] fr: make dot optional when parsing months


  • #5579 [misc] Update


  • Get browser tests working again
  • #5604 [pkg] update package-lock
  • #5556 [pkg] Switch to composer-installers-extender
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