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Created March 2, 2018 20:31
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moment 2.21.0 changelog


  • #4391 [bugfix] Fix #4390: use offset properly in toISOString
  • #4361 [bugfix] remove ordinal for Turkish locale as they use `cardin…
  • #4360 [bugfix] Correct min/max TypeScript signatures
  • #4310 [bugfix] Fix #3883 lazy load parentLocale in defineLocale, fallback to global if missing

New locales

  • #4372 [new locale] ug-cn: Added locale ug-cn
  • #4335 [new locale] Added locale en-ilֿ
  • #3896 [new locale] tg: Tajik (Tajikistan) locale

Locale improvements

  • #4379 [locale] ko: Add trailing dot to L and l
  • #4195 [locale] pt-br: Simplify pt-br past relativeTime
  • #4184 [locale] id: Fix short name for august in id locale
  • #4140 [locale] kn: Improve short months
  • #4101 [locale] tet: Improvements for month and weekday names


  • #4466 [misc] Fix lazy-load test
  • #4085 [misc] Print console warning when setting non-existent locales
  • #4371 [misc] fix deprecated rollup options
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