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moment 2.22.0 changelog

New locales

  • #4423 [new locale] Added Mongolian locale mn

Locale improvements

  • #4430 [locale] zh-tw: add spaces
  • #4458 [locale] Georgian - fixed incorrectly used word
  • #4392 [locale] Cambodian Locale: Translate AM/PM, change weekdaysShort and weekdaysMin
  • #4413 [locale] Fix Japanese locale
  • #4395 [locale] Correct Hour Plural in Konkani and add a test


  • #4378 [misc] Add .ts defn for parseTwoDigitYear
  • #4455 [misc] Add CodeTriage badge to moment/moment
  • #4463 [misc] Update downloads badge to point to graph of downloads
  • #4446 [misc] Make comment in hour.js gender neutral
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