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Last active December 17, 2017 00:57
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moment 2.20.0 changelog


  • #4312 [bugfix] Fix #4251: Avoid RFC2822 in utc() test
  • #4240 [bugfix] Fix incorrect strict parsing with full-width parentheses


  • #4341 [feature] Prevent toISOString converting to UTC (issue #1751)
  • #4154 [feature] add format constants to support output to HTML5 input type formats (see #3928)

New locales

  • #4143 [new locale] mt: Maltese language

Locale improvements

  • #4271 [locale] Fix Arabic locale for months
  • #4267 [locale] set french weekdaysMin in lowercase
  • #4210 [locale] Russian LT/LTS: Updated time format in accordance with CLDR and
  • #4209 [locale] es-us: Updated time format in accordance with CLDR and
  • #4200 [locale] Fix 4189: Updated time separator for German-Swiss locale
  • #4183 [locale] Relative seconds i18n
  • #4134 [locale] it: Remove comma between weekday and date, fixes #4133
  • #3952 [locale] zh-cn,zh-hk,zh-tw: Change date formats according to CLDR
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