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Created December 13, 2018 06:32
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moment 2.23.0 changelog


  • #4417 [bugfix] isBetween should return false for invalid dates
  • #4700 [bugfix] Fix #4698: Use ISO WeekYear for HTML5_FMT.WEEK


  • #4563 [feature] Fix #4518: Add support to add/subtract ISO weeks

New locales

  • #4863 [new locale] added Kurdish language (ku)

Locale improvements

  • #4894 [locale] ky: Fix spelling typos
  • #4810 [locale] (nl) order months correctly in regex
  • #4671 [locale] fix comment about "doy"


  • #4903 [misc] run npm audit fix
  • #4768 [misc] Fix typo in pa-in locale
  • #4674 [misc] Add SemVer compatibility badge to README
  • #4661 [misc] Update issue templates
  • #4681 [misc] add typings for duration.isValid()
  • #4663 [misc] Remove unnecessary ternary spotted by Coverity
  • #4817 [misc] minor typo in comments
  • #4828 [misc] Upgrade some devDeps to fix vulnerabilities
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