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Created November 9, 2017 23:39
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How to Reset Kafka Consumer Group Offset

Kafka (Confluent 3.3.0) added support to manipulate offsets for a consumer group via cli kafka-consumer-groups command.

  1. List the topics to which the group is subscribed
kafka-consumer-groups --bootstrap-server <kafkahost:port> --group <group_id> --describe

Note the values under "CURRENT-OFFSET" and "LOG-END-OFFSET". "CURRENT-OFFSET" is the offset where this consumer group is currently at in each of the partitions.

  1. Reset the consumer offset for a topic (preview)
kafka-consumer-groups --bootstrap-server <kafkahost:port> --group <group_id> --topic <topic_name> --reset-offsets --to-earliest

This will print the expected result of the reset, but not actually run it.

  1. Reset the consumer offset for a topic (execute)
kafka-consumer-groups --bootstrap-server <kafkahost:port> --group <group_id> --topic <topic_name> --reset-offsets --to-earliest --execute

This will execute the reset and reset the consumer group offset for the specified topic back to 0.

  1. Repeat 1 to check if the reset is successful


  • The consumer group must have no running instance when performing the reset. Otherwise the reset will be rejected.
  • There are many other resetting options, run kafka-consumer-groups for details
    • --shift-by <positive_or_negative_integer>
    • --to-current
    • --to-latest
    • --to-offset <offset_integer>
    • --to-datetime <datetime_string>
    • --by-duration <duration_string>
  • The command also provides an option to reset offsets for all topics the consumer group subscribes to: --all-topics
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meseta commented May 6, 2021

Thanks for this! I come here about once every couple weeks because I can never remember these commands

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@dcguim @dkurzaj - I'm seeing the same behaviour. Offset are stuck to their initial value. Have you managed to solve this ?

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dcguim commented May 27, 2021

I have not managed to solve this problem, nor found the specific configuration for this. What I can do is delete and recreate the problematic topic.

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dkurzaj commented Jun 5, 2021

I actually do not remember, sorry...

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Apparently my latests and my earliests offsets have the same values, and are equal to LOG-END-OFFSET. I can not manage to go back to the beginning of the messages.

@dkurzaj that is because your topic doesn't contain messages, and the offset can only be reset to the first message present in the topic at max

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