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declare module 'aws-api-gateway-client' {
import { AxiosResponse } from 'axios'
interface AwsApiGatewayClientConfig {
accessKey?: string
secretKey?: string
sessionToken?: string
region?: string
apiKey?: string
invokeUrl: string
service?: string
defaultContentType?: string
defaultAcceptType?: string
systemClockOffset?: number
interface AwsApiGatewayClient {
invokeApi: <T>(
params: Object,
pathTemplate: string,
method: string,
additionalParams?: {
headers?: { Authorization?: string } | { [key: string]: string }
queryParams?: any
body?: any
) => Promise<AxiosResponse<T>>
export const newClient: (config: AwsApiGatewayClientConfig) => AwsApiGatewayClient
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