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Small and attractive Perl 6 snippets
my $birth-date-string = prompt "When were you born (yyyy-mm-dd)?";
my $birth-date =$birth-date-string);
my $today =;
my $age = $today.year - $birth-date.year;
# But your birthday this year may not have been yet
if $ < $ {
say "You are $age years old!";
my @scale = ("$_$_" for 0..9, <a b c d e f>);
my @zeroes = '00' xx 16;
# Fade from red to blue
for @scale.reverse Z @zeroes Z @scale -> $r, $g, $b {
say "#$r$g$b";
for 10 ... 0 -> $count {
say "$count...";
LAST { say "Liftoff!" };
my $sentence = "I am going to go feed the the cat.";
if $sentence ~~ / (\w+) \h+ $0 / {
say "Duplicate word '$0 $0' found at position $/.from().";
my @beers = 'beers', 'beer', 'beers' xx 97;
for reverse(1..99) Z reverse(0..98) -> $n, $nn {
say "$n @beers[$n] on the wall!";
say "$n @beers[$n]!";
say "Take one down, pass it around,";
say "$nn @beers[$nn] on the wall!";
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