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Execute ldd command to find commands that depend on given library name
#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys
import os
from subprocess import Popen, PIPE
from optparse import OptionParser
def get_result(p):
stdout = p.communicate()
ret = 1
for s in stdout:
if s != None:
l = s.strip("\n")
if l == "0":
ret = 0
return ret
def run_cmd(cmd):
p = Popen(cmd, shell = True, stdout = PIPE)
return get_result(p)
def find_files(dir_path, libname):
for root, dirs, files in os.walk(dir_path):
for f in files:
file_path = "%s/%s" % (root, f)
cmd = "file %s | grep ELF | grep executable 2>&1 > /dev/null ; echo $?" % file_path
if run_cmd(cmd) == 0:
cmd = "ldd %s | grep %s 2>&1 > /dev/null ; echo $?" % (file_path, libname)
if run_cmd(cmd) == 0:
print "file [%s] is used %s" % (file_path, libname)
def start_find_files(directories, libname):
for d in directories:
find_files(d, libname)
def get_directories(directory):
ret = []
tmp = directory.split(",")
for d in tmp:
return ret
def get_options():
parser = OptionParser()
parser.add_option("-d", "--directory", dest="directories",
help="Directories which are divided by camma", metavar="DIRECTORY")
parser.add_option("-l", "--library", dest="library",
help="library name", metavar="LIBRARY")
(options, args) = parser.parse_args()
return options
if __name__ == "__main__":
options = get_options()
directory = options.directories
directories = get_directories(directory)
libname = options.library
start_find_files(directories, libname)
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