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this is beginners demo of how to calculate trajectory using python. this code is not validated and there are no exception catching mechanisms, it for learning purposes
# calculate trajetory
# @author: Mashoko Blessing
# @
# @mashcom digimedia
from math import sin,cos,pi
def calculateTraf(angle, velocity ):
#defining gravity
gravity = float(9.8)
#converting angle to radians
angle =angle * pi / 180
#calculating horizontal and vertical components of the velocity
velocity_h= velocity*cos(angle)
velocity_v = velocity*sin(angle)
#computing time and distance of flight
time_of_flight =2 * float(velocity_v) / gravity
range = float(time_of_flight) * velocity_h
return range, time_of_flight
print("Welcome,this app is not validated to work properly, its for demostration purposes Blessing Mashoko available at\n\n")
print("please enter the angle you are dealing with")
angle =input()
print("enter the velocity")
velocity = input()
ans_range, ans_tof = calculateTraf(float(angle),float(velocity))
print("the range is %.1f metres and time of flight is %.0f seconds" % (ans_range,ans_tof));
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