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Example of a custom ReST directive in Python docutils
'''Example of a custom ReST directive in Python docutils'''
import docutils.core
from docutils.nodes import TextElement, Inline
from docutils.parsers.rst import Directive, directives
from docutils.writers.html4css1 import Writer, HTMLTranslator
class foo(Inline, TextElement):
'''This node class is a no-op -- just a fun way to define some parameters.
There are lots of base classes to choose from in `docutils.nodes`.
See examples in `docutils.nodes`
class Foo(Directive):
'''This `Directive` class tells the ReST parser what to do with the text it
encounters -- parse the input, perhaps, and return a list of node objects.
Here, usage of a single required argument is shown.
See examples in docutils.parsers.rst.directives.*
required_arguments = 1
optional_arguments = 0
has_content = True
def run(self):
thenode = foo(text=self.arguments[0])
return [thenode]
class MyHTMLTranslator(HTMLTranslator):
'''The `HTMLTranslator` turns nodes into actual source code. There is some
serious magic here: when parsing nodes, `visit_[name](node)` then
`depart_[name](node)` are called when a node named `[name]` is
For details see docutils.writers.html4css1.__init__
def __init__(self, document):
HTMLTranslator.__init__(self, document)
def visit_foo(self, node):
# don't start tags; use
# self.starttag(node, tagname, suffix, empty, **attributes)
# keyword arguments (attributes) are turned into html tag key/value
# pairs, e.g. `{'style':'background:red'} => 'style="background:red"'`
self.body.append(self.starttag(node, 'span', '', style='background:red'))
def depart_foo(self, node):
# register the directive, telling docutils to apply `Foo` when the parser
# encounters a `foo`
directives.register_directive('foo', Foo)
# create a `Writer` and set phasers to `MyHTMLTranslator`
html_writer = Writer()
html_writer.translator_class = MyHTMLTranslator
rest_text = \
'''this is a test
it is only a test
.. foo:: whee
# use the writer to turn some ReST text into a string of HTML
html = docutils.core.publish_string(source=rest_text, writer=html_writer)
print html
# write a webpage (or serve it, or whatever)
with open('test.html', 'w') as f:
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bletvaska commented Apr 28, 2016

great. this is something i was looking for a long time ;) thanks

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