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reassign unassigned shards in elastic
#!/usr/bin/env bash
read -e -p 'Give cluster IP:' -i "$( hostname )" IP
read -e -p 'Give cluster node:' -i "$( hostname )" NODE
read -e -p 'any node suffix?:' -i '_es-01' SUFFIX
for line in $(curl -s "$IP:9200/_cat/shards" | fgrep UNASSIGNED); do
INDEX=$(echo $line | (awk '{print $1}'))
SHARD=$(echo $line | (awk '{print $2}'))
echo "Reassigning $SHARD $INDEX"
curl -XPOST "$IP:9200/_cluster/reroute" -d '{
"commands": [
"allocate": {
"index": "'$INDEX'",
"shard": '$SHARD',
"node": "'$NODE$SUFFIX'",
"allow_primary": true
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