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Import additional (custom) fields to your Bullhorn Job data.
* Example: Import Additional Job Fields from Bullhorn
* Example below imports Bullhorn field named 'customText4', calls it 'salary_range', declares it a 'string', and saves it as
* Job Meta for use in the front-end of the website, presumably to replace the 'salary' with a more descriptive range stat.
* @copyright 2019, Matador Software, LLC
* @author Jeremy Scott, Matador Software LLC
* @link
* @param $fields
* @return array
function matador_docs_matador_bullhorn_import_fields( $fields ) {
$field_to_add = [
'customText4' => [ // Name of field per Bullhorn Field Mappings (not its label)
'name' => 'salary_range', // Set name for meta when 'saveas' is 'meta'.
'type' => 'string', // Specify type for sanitization, default 'type'
'saveas' => 'meta', // Options are 'core', 'meta', 'custom'. Default 'custom'
return array_merge( $field_to_add, $fields );
add_filter( 'matador_bullhorn_import_fields', 'matador_docs_matador_bullhorn_import_fields' );
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