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"""Build an .xls file with all background colors vs patterns possibilities"""
import xlwt
wb = xlwt.Workbook()
ws = wb.add_sheet("Colors")
ws.write(0, 0, "Colors/Patterns")
for pat_index in range(0, 16):
ws.write(0, pat_index + 1, str(pat_index))
for i in range(0, 250):
hex_color = hex(i)
# print color hex code
ws.write(i +1, 0, unicode(hex_color))
# pattern index may vary between 0 and 16
for pat_index in range(0, 16):
pattern = xlwt.Pattern()
pattern.pattern = pat_index
pattern.pattern_fore_colour = i
some_style = xlwt.XFStyle()
some_style.pattern = pattern
ws.write(i + 1, 1 + pat_index, "", some_style)"excel_color.xls")
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