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How to hostand run Spotify's Luigi scheduler on Heroku or Deis
default-scheduler-host = <replace me>
default-scheduler-port = 80
email-prefix = <replace me>
email-sender = <replace me>
email-type = html
error-email = <replace me>
log_level = INFO
max-reschedules = 3
max-shown-tasks = 1000
parallel-scheduling = true
retry-external-tasks = true
smtp_host = <replace me>
smtp_login = <replace me>
smtp_password = <replace me>
worker-keep-alive = true
worker-ping-interval = 5
worker-wait-interval = 5
record_task_history = false
state-path = /tmp/luigid-state.pickle
retry-delay = 60
type = ses
db_connection = <replace me. use a database uri>
web: luigid --port=$PORT --logdir=$HOME
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