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fix jQuery.offset() in Mobile Safari (iPad, iPhone)
// as of 1.4.2 the mobile safari reports wrong values on offset()
// remove once it's fixed
if ( /webkit.*mobile/i.test(navigator.userAgent)) {
(function($) {
$.fn.offsetOld = $.fn.offset;
$.fn.offset = function() {
var result = this.offsetOld(); -= window.scrollY;
result.left -= window.scrollX;
return result;
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mataspetrikas commented Jun 9, 2010

related to this bug

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karlwestin commented Aug 10, 2010

Thanks! Works perfectly :)

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chumtarou commented Feb 25, 2011

Would love to know how to implement your fix to Jquery Tookit's Tooltips. Once you scroll, the tooltips appear in the wrong location. (

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jonesmac commented Jul 27, 2017

I think this is still an issue today. I found wrapping it in a timeout solved it which tells me that even if document.ready has safari is still laying things out and getting wrong calculations.

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