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Last active February 6, 2021 07:57
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Parses Dominion ( log to get decks.
"""Parses Dominion ( log to get decks.
To use: create text file in your Downloads folder called "log.txt"
and copy/paste the log into that file. Then run this script with python.
from collections import deque
import re
from pathlib import Path
def parse_description_of_cards(cards_text):
"""Parses a text description of cards into a list of cards.
Given '2 Coppers, a Gold and an Estate.', this function will return
['Copper', 'Copper', 'Gold', 'Estate']
card_removeables = ('.', ' a ', ' an ')
card_descriptions = re.split(',|and', cards_text)
cards = []
for card in card_descriptions:
# clean up card description
for r in card_removeables:
card = card.replace(r, '')
card = card.strip()
# get count if there's a number at the beginning
n = int(card.split(' ')[0])
n = 1
cards += [card] * n
return cards
class Player:
def __init__(self, name): = name
self.deck = ['Copper'] * 7 + ['Estate'] * 3
self.hand = []
self.discard_pile = []
self.exile = []
self.trash = []
self.discarded = []
self.ordered_gains = []
def show(self):
for card in sorted(list(set(self.deck))):
print(f'\t\t{card}: {self.deck.count(card)}')
for card in sorted(list(set(self.exile))):
print(f'\t\t{card}: {self.exile.count(card)}')
print('\n\tTime-Ordered Gains:')
for card in self.ordered_gains:
def gain(self, description_of_cards):
for card in parse_description_of_cards(description_of_cards):
def exile_from_supply(self, description_of_cards):
for card in parse_description_of_cards(description_of_cards):
def exile_from_deck(self, description_of_cards):
for card in parse_description_of_cards(description_of_cards):
class Game:
def __init__(self, log):
self.log = log.replace('\r', '') # in case of windows line endings
self.log_lines = self.log.split('\n')
# get players
token = " starts with "
players = set(Player(line.split(token)[0]) for line in self.log_lines
if token in line)
self.player_dict = dict((, p) for p in players)
# get cards
buy_token = ' buys and gains'
gain_token = ' gains'
exile_token = ' exiles'
for line in self.log.split('\n'):
if buy_token in line:
player, description_of_cards = line.split(buy_token)
elif gain_token in line:
player, description_of_cards = line.split(gain_token)
elif exile_token in line:
player, description_of_cards = line.split(exile_token)
def show(self):
for player in self.player_dict.values():
if __name__ == '__main__':
log_path = Path().home() / 'Downloads' / 'log.txt'
with as f:
test_text =
game = Game(log=test_text)
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