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declare class Client {
constructor(config: Coinbase.ClientConfig)
public getAccounts(nothing: {}, callback: Coinbase.Callback<Array<Account>>): void
public getAccount(accountId: string, callback: Coinbase.Callback<Account>): void
public getBuyPrice(args: Coinbase.BuyPrice, callback: Coinbase.Callback<Coinbase.BuyPriceResponse>): void;
export = Client
declare namespace Coinbase {
interface ClientConfig {
apiKey: string;
apiSecret: string
interface Callback<T> {
(error: any, result: T): void
interface Balance {
amount: number;
currency: Currency;
interface MoneyHash {
amount: string;
currency: Currency;
interface SellBuyResponse {
id: string;
status: Status;
payment_method: PaymentMethod;
transaction: PaymentMethod;
amount: MoneyHash;
total: MoneyHash;
subtotal: MoneyHash;
fee: MoneyHash;
created_at: Date;
updated_at: Date;
resource: string;
resource_path: string;
commited: boolean;
instant: boolean;
payout_at?: Date;
interface PaymentMethod {
id: string;
resource: string;
resource_path: string;
interface Status {
CREATED: 'created';
COMPLETED: 'completed';
CANCELED: 'canceled';
interface BuyPrice {
currencyPair: CurrencyPair
interface Buy {
amount: string;
currency: Currency;
payment_method: string;
export interface Currency {
export class CurrencyPair {
public static BTC_USD: 'BTC-USD';
public static LTC_EUR: 'LTC-EUR';
public static BTC_EUR: 'BTC-EUR';
export interface BuyPriceResponse {
data: SellBuyResponse;
export class Account {
public id: string;
public name: string;
public primary: boolean;
public type: string;
public currency: string;
public balance: Balance;
public native_balance: Balance;
public created_at: Date;
public updated_at: Date;
public resource: string;
public resource_path: string
public sell(args: MoneyHash, callback: Callback<SellBuyResponse>): void
public buy(args: Buy, callback: Callback<SellBuyResponse>): void
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