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mathiasmag/_Oracle Wallet

Last active May 14, 2020
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Oracle Wallet
Used to set up scripts to build/add root certificates to an Oracle Wallet
BUNDLE=$(openssl version -d|cut -d \" -f2)/cert.pem
# Grab all certs from a site -> Send STDERR to /dev/null
# Send STDERR to a file
# Keep just the first line from the file
# Reverse the string as "cut" cannot return the last field
# Cut the first field (the Common Name for the certificate)
# Reverse the string back to it's origin
CERT=$(echo QUIT|openssl s_client -connect ${HOST}:443 -showcerts >/dev/null 2> /tmp/mycert;head -1 /tmp/mycert|rev|cut -f1 -d=|rev|xargs)
# Grab the certificate from the certificate bundle, onle the part from BEGIN to END
sed -n "/${CERT}/,/^-----END CERTIFICATE-----$/p" ${BUNDLE} | sed -n "/^-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----/,/^-----END CERTIFICATE-----$/p" > /tmp/cert.txt
# Add the extracted root certificate to the Oracle Wallet
orapki wallet add -wallet ${WALLET} -trusted_cert -pwd $PWD -cert /tmp/cert.txt
# Remove work files
rm /tmp/mycert /tmp/cert.txt
PWD=$(openssl rand -base64 8)
orapki wallet create -wallet ${WALLET} -pwd ${PWD} -auto_login > /dev/null
./ ${WALLET} ${PWD} > /dev/null
./ ${WALLET} ${PWD} > /dev/null
echo "Your new wallet is ${WALLET} and it has password ${PWD}."
echo 'It now contains the following.'
orapki wallet display -wallet ${WALLET}
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