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(* Directed finite graph *)
Require Import
Ssreflect.ssreflect Ssreflect.ssrbool
Ssreflect.ssrfun Ssreflect.eqtype
Ssreflect.ssrnat Ssreflect.seq
Ssreflect.path Ssreflect.fintype
Set Implicit Arguments.
Unset Strict Implicit.
Unset Printing Implicit Defensive.
(* Lemma *)
Lemma connect_uniqP {T: finType}(e: rel T) x y:
reflect (exists p, path e x p /\ y = last x p /\ uniq (x::p)) (connect e x y).
apply /iffP.
apply connectP.
- move => [p Hp Heq].
apply shortenP in Hp.
rewrite -Heq in Hp.
destruct Hp.
exists p'.
repeat split; done.
- move => [p [Hp [Heq Huniq]]].
exists p; done.
Lemma in_uniq_cat {T: eqType}(s1 s2: seq T):
uniq (s1 ++ s2) -> forall x, x \in s1 -> x \notin s2.
rewrite cat_uniq.
move => /and3P [Huniq1 Hnhas Huniq2] x.
by move: Hnhas => /hasPn //= H; apply contraL, H.
Lemma uniq_last_nil {T: eqType}(x: T) p:
uniq (x::p) -> x = last x p -> p = [::].
move: p => [| h t] //= /and3P [Hninx Hninh Huniq] Heq.
move: Hninx; rewrite Heq mem_last //=.
Lemma last_cat_notin {T: eqType}(x y: T) s1 s2:
x = last y (s1 ++ s2) -> x \notin s2 -> s2 = [::].
move: x y s1.
pattern s2.
apply last_ind; first done.
move => s x IH y z s1.
rewrite last_cat last_rcons mem_rcons in_cons negb_or;
move => -> /andP [Hneq _] //=; move: Hneq => /eqP //=.
Section CFG.
Variables (V: finType)(E: rel V)(r: V).
Hypothesis reachable:
forall (v: V), connect E r v.
Definition dominate (u v: V) :=
forall (p: seq V),
path E r p -> v = last r p -> u \in (r::p).
Lemma dominate_root u:
dominate r u.
rewrite /dominate; move => p Hp Heq.
by rewrite in_cons; apply /orP; left.
Lemma dominate_refl u:
dominate u u.
by rewrite /dominate; move => p Hp ->; apply mem_last.
Lemma dominate_antisym u v:
dominate u v -> dominate v u -> u == v.
rewrite /dominate.
move => Huv Hvu.
move: (reachable u) => /connect_uniqP [p1 [Hp1 [Heq1 Huniq1]]].
move: (Hvu p1 Hp1 Heq1); rewrite in_cons; move => /orP.
move => [Heqvr | Hin1].
- move: Heqvr (eq_refl r) => /eqP Heqvr /eqP H.
rewrite Heqvr in Huv; rewrite Heqvr.
by move: (Huv [::] is_true_true H) => //=; rewrite mem_seq1.
- move: (splitPr Hin1) => Hsplit1; destruct Hsplit1.
rewrite -cat1s catA cat_path cats1 in Hp1.
move: Hp1 => /andP [Hp1 _].
move: (Huv (rcons p1 v) Hp1 (esym (last_rcons r p1 v))) => Hin.
rewrite -(cat1s v) catA cats1 -cat_cons in Heq1 Huniq1 Hin1 *.
move: (last_cat_notin Heq1 (in_uniq_cat Huniq1 Hin)) => Heq.
by move: Heq1; rewrite Heq cats0 last_rcons; move=> -> //=.
Lemma dominate_trans u v w:
dominate u v -> dominate v w -> dominate u w.
rewrite {2 3}/dominate.
move => Huv Hvw p Hp Heq.
move: (Hvw p Hp Heq); rewrite in_cons; move => /orP [Heqv | Hinv].
- move: Heqv => /eqP Heqv; subst v.
move: (dominate_antisym (@dominate_root u) Huv) => /eqP <- //=.
by rewrite in_cons; apply /orP; left.
- move: (splitPr Hinv) => Hsplit.
destruct Hsplit as [pl pr].
rewrite /dominate in Huv.
rewrite -cat1s catA cat_path cats1 in Hp.
move: Hp => /andP [Hp _].
move: (Huv (rcons pl v) Hp (esym (last_rcons r pl v))) => Hin.
by rewrite -(cat1s v) catA -cat_cons cats1 mem_cat; apply /orP; left.
Lemma dominate_lemma:
forall (u1 u2 v: V),
dominate u1 v -> dominate u2 v ->
dominate u1 u2\/dominate u2 u1.
rewrite /dominate.
move => u1 u2 v Hdom1 Hdom2;
move: (reachable v) => /connect_uniqP [p [Hp [Heq Huniq]]].
move: (Hdom1 p Hp Heq); rewrite in_cons;
move=> /orP [/eqP -> | Hin1];
first by left=> p' _ _; rewrite in_cons; apply /orP; left.
move: (Hdom2 p Hp Heq); rewrite in_cons;
move=> /orP [/eqP-> | Hin2];
first by right=> p' _ _; rewrite in_cons; apply /orP; left.
apply splitPr in Hin1; destruct Hin1 as [pl pr].
move: Huniq Hp Heq Hin2.
rewrite cons_uniq cat_path (mem_cat u2) in_cons;
move=> /= /andP [Hnin Huniq] /and3P [Hpl He1 Hpr] Heqlast.
move: (in_uniq_cat Huniq) => Hinin /or3P [Hin2l | /eqP -> | Hin2r];
[| by left=> p _ ->; apply mem_last |].
- right=> p Hp Heq.
move: (conj Hp Hpr) => /andP; rewrite Heq -cat_path; move => Hpath.
rewrite last_cat last_cons Heq -last_cat in Heqlast.
move: (Hdom2 (p++pr) Hpath Heqlast); rewrite in_cons mem_cat.
by move: (Hinin u2 Hin2l); rewrite in_cons negb_or andbC -eqbF_neg;
move => /andP [/eqP -> _]; rewrite orbC -orbA orbC in_cons.
- left=> p Hp Heq.
rewrite cat_uniq cons_uniq in Huniq;
move: Huniq => /and3P [_ _ /andP [Hnin1 _]].
apply splitPr in Hin2r; destruct Hin2r as [pm pr].
rewrite cat_path /= in Hpr; move: Hpr => /and3P [Hpm He2 Hpr].
move: (conj Hp Hpr) => /andP; rewrite Heq -cat_path; move=> Hpath.
rewrite last_cat last_cons last_cat last_cons Heq -last_cat in Heqlast.
move: (Hdom1 (p++pr) Hpath Heqlast); rewrite in_cons mem_cat.
rewrite mem_cat orbC negb_or in_cons orbC negb_or -eqbF_neg in Hnin1.
by move: Hnin1 => /andP [/andP [/eqP -> _] _];
rewrite orbC -orbA orbC in_cons /=.
Definition idom (u v: V): Prop :=
dominate u v /\ u <> v /\ forall w, dominate w v -> dominate w u.
Lemma idom_uniq u v w:
idom u v -> idom w v -> u = w.
rewrite /idom.
move=> [Hdomuv [Hnequv Hu]] [Hdomwv [Hneqwv Hw]].
apply Hu in Hdomwv; apply Hw in Hdomuv.
by move: (dominate_antisym Hdomuv Hdomwv) => /eqP.
End CFG.
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