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# Initial data for Keystone using python-keystoneclient
# Tenant User Roles
# ------------------------------------------------------------------
# admin admin admin
# service glance admin
# service nova admin, [ResellerAdmin (swift only)]
# service quantum admin # if enabled
# service swift admin # if enabled
# demo admin admin
# demo demo Member, anotherrole
# invisible_to_admin demo Member
# Variables set before calling this script:
# SERVICE_TOKEN - aka admin_token in keystone.conf
# SERVICE_ENDPOINT - local Keystone admin endpoint
# SERVICE_TENANT_NAME - name of tenant containing service accounts
# ENABLED_SERVICES -'s list of services to start
# DEVSTACK_DIR - Top-level DevStack directory
export SERVICE_TOKEN="geniux"
export SERVICE_ENDPOINT="http://localhost:35357/v2.0"
function get_id () {
echo `$@ | awk '/ id / { print $4 }'`
# Tenants
ADMIN_TENANT=$(get_id keystone tenant-create --name=admin)
SERVICE_TENANT=$(get_id keystone tenant-create --name=$SERVICE_TENANT_NAME)
DEMO_TENANT=$(get_id keystone tenant-create --name=demo)
INVIS_TENANT=$(get_id keystone tenant-create --name=invisible_to_admin)
# Users
ADMIN_USER=$(get_id keystone user-create --name=admin \
--pass="$ADMIN_PASSWORD" \
DEMO_USER=$(get_id keystone user-create --name=demo \
--pass="$ADMIN_PASSWORD" \
# Roles
ADMIN_ROLE=$(get_id keystone role-create --name=admin)
KEYSTONEADMIN_ROLE=$(get_id keystone role-create --name=KeystoneAdmin)
KEYSTONESERVICE_ROLE=$(get_id keystone role-create --name=KeystoneServiceAdmin)
# ANOTHER_ROLE demonstrates that an arbitrary role may be created and used
# TODO(sleepsonthefloor): show how this can be used for rbac in the future!
ANOTHER_ROLE=$(get_id keystone role-create --name=anotherrole)
# Add Roles to Users in Tenants
keystone user-role-add --user $ADMIN_USER --role $ADMIN_ROLE --tenant_id $ADMIN_TENANT
keystone user-role-add --user $ADMIN_USER --role $ADMIN_ROLE --tenant_id $DEMO_TENANT
keystone user-role-add --user $DEMO_USER --role $ANOTHER_ROLE --tenant_id $DEMO_TENANT
# TODO(termie): these two might be dubious
keystone user-role-add --user $ADMIN_USER --role $KEYSTONEADMIN_ROLE --tenant_id $ADMIN_TENANT
keystone user-role-add --user $ADMIN_USER --role $KEYSTONESERVICE_ROLE --tenant_id $ADMIN_TENANT
# The Member role is used by Horizon and Swift so we need to keep it:
MEMBER_ROLE=$(get_id keystone role-create --name=Member)
keystone user-role-add --user $DEMO_USER --role $MEMBER_ROLE --tenant_id $DEMO_TENANT
keystone user-role-add --user $DEMO_USER --role $MEMBER_ROLE --tenant_id $INVIS_TENANT
# Configure service users/roles
NOVA_USER=$(get_id keystone user-create --name=nova \
--tenant_id $SERVICE_TENANT \
keystone user-role-add --tenant_id $SERVICE_TENANT \
--user $NOVA_USER \
--role $ADMIN_ROLE
GLANCE_USER=$(get_id keystone user-create --name=glance \
--tenant_id $SERVICE_TENANT \
keystone user-role-add --tenant_id $SERVICE_TENANT \
--user $GLANCE_USER \
--role $ADMIN_ROLE
if [[ "$ENABLED_SERVICES" =~ "swift" ]]; then
SWIFT_USER=$(get_id keystone user-create --name=swift \
--tenant_id $SERVICE_TENANT \
keystone user-role-add --tenant_id $SERVICE_TENANT \
--user $SWIFT_USER \
--role $ADMIN_ROLE
# Nova needs ResellerAdmin role to download images when accessing
# swift through the s3 api. The admin role in swift allows a user
# to act as an admin for their tenant, but ResellerAdmin is needed
# for a user to act as any tenant. The name of this role is also
# configurable in swift-proxy.conf
RESELLER_ROLE=$(get_id keystone role-create --name=ResellerAdmin)
keystone user-role-add --tenant_id $SERVICE_TENANT \
--user $NOVA_USER \
if [[ "$ENABLED_SERVICES" =~ "quantum" ]]; then
QUANTUM_USER=$(get_id keystone user-create --name=quantum \
--tenant_id $SERVICE_TENANT \
keystone user-role-add --tenant_id $SERVICE_TENANT \
--user $QUANTUM_USER \
--role $ADMIN_ROLE
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