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Created July 22, 2021 10:56
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<script lang="ts">
import PrismicDOM from 'prismic-dom';
export let article: Article;
let date = new Date('es-ES', {
year: 'numeric',
month: 'short',
day: 'numeric'
<article class="flex flex-row items-center justify-between transform duration-150 hover:shadow-md">
<a href={`/blog/${article.uid}`}>
class="object-scale-down w-28 h-28"
<div class="flex flex-col ml-4 items-start justify-around">
<a href={`/blog/${article.uid}`}>
<h1 class="text-gray-900 text-base mt-4">{PrismicDOM.RichText.asText(article.title)}</h1>
<span class="text-gray-500 text-sm">{date}</span>
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