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Last active November 8, 2022 21:28
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Frozen Rails Talk Proposal Template ( If you want to submit multiple talks, just duplicate the file. If you don't want your proposal to be public, create a private gist.

[Speaker Name]

Contact details

[Feel free to add more details if you wish…]

Speaker bio

[ Your bio here. 50-100 words is enough for us. ]

Talk title

  • Desired talk duration: 30/45 minutes


[ Your talk abstract. Whether you make your proposal gist private or public is entirely up to you: we don't mind one way or another. You can, of course, edit your proposal right up until the deadline. ]

For an example of a good proposal, see this proposal by Jeff Casimir and “How to write a conference proposal” by Mike Moore


[ Have you given this talk before? Anything else you'd like to mention... ]

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