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Coinjoin at BWS
  • createTX

    • output: 1bitcoin
    • amount: 1BTC
    • useCoinJoin: true
      • coinJoinToSignTimeout: 1hr
      • coinJoinToBroadcastTimeout: 24hr
      • coinJoinTimeoutPolicy: broadcastWithoutCoinJoin | rejectByServer
  • Transaction will be available to be sign once coinjoin is available, or if timeout is reached,and broadcastWithoutcoinjoin is set as policy.

  • Coinjoin 'nr of required tx to mix' could be defined at server level

  • if broadcastWithoutcoinjoin signed sign 2 TXs: with and without coinjoin.

  • Once the joined TX is created, there is coinJoinToBroadcastTimeout time for signer to sign the TX. If txs are not signed (or rejected by "cojoinsigners", coinJoinTimeoutPolicy is used

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