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import React from 'react';
import {componentWithIntl} from '../../helpers/intl-helpers';
import RotationStyles from '../../../src/components/direction-picker/direction-picker';
import DirectionPicker from '../../../src/components/direction-picker/direction-picker';
import PropTypes from 'prop-types';
import {intlShape} from 'react-intl';
describe('DirectionPicker', () => {
const getComponent = function (props = {}) {
return <DirectionPicker {...props} />;
test('matches snapshot', () => {
const props = {
// direction: PropTypes.number,
disabled: false,
// intl: intlShape,
// labelAbove: PropTypes.bool,
onChangeDirection: jest.fn(),
onClickAllAround: jest.fn(),
onClickDontRotate: jest.fn(),
onClickLeftRight: jest.fn(),
onClosePopover: jest.fn(),
onOpenPopover: jest.fn(),
popoverOpen: false
// rotationStyle: PropTypes.string
const component = componentWithIntl(getComponent(props));
const picker = component.root.findByType(DirectionPicker);
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