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A script for pulling an elasticbeanstalk solution name for a given runtime version
#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -euo pipefail
MINOR_VERSION=$(awk -F. '{print $1 "." $2}' $(dirname $0)/../.ruby-version)
NAME_FILTER="{\"Type\":\"PlatformName\",\"Operator\":\"begins_with\",\"Values\":[\"Puma with Ruby ${MINOR_VERSION}\"]}"
aws elasticbeanstalk list-platform-versions \
--filters "[${NAME_FILTER},${VERSION_FILTER}]" \
--query 'PlatformSummaryList[].PlatformArn' \
--output text
aws elasticbeanstalk describe-platform-version \
--platform-arn "${PLATFORM_ARN}" \
--query PlatformDescription.SolutionStackName \
--output text
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