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Scenario: confiming when saving inactive
Given I expect to click "OK" on a confirmation box saying "Are you sure?"
When I press "Save"
Then the confirmation box should have been displayed
And I should see "TV" in the "Campaign Keywords" section
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Given /^I expect to click "([^"]*)" on a confirmation box saying "([^"]*)"$/ do |option, message|
retval = (option == "OK") ? "true" : "false"
page.evaluate_script("window.confirm = function (msg) {
$.cookie('confirm_message', msg)
return #{retval}
@expected_message = message
Then /^the confirmation box should have been displayed$/ do
page.evaluate_script("$.cookie('confirm_message')").should_not be_nil
page.evaluate_script("$.cookie('confirm_message')").should eq(@expected_message)
page.evaluate_script("$.cookie('confirm_message', null)")

Nice! I had to change line 5 to:

$.cookie('confirm_message', msg, {path: '/'})

Otherwise the cookie couldn't be read by a script on the home page when it was set by /articles/new (for instance).


Good to know. Thanks!

Similar to above my scenario is as follows:
Scenario: When i click update button An alert box appears which contains "OK" and "Cancel" buttons.
Then Click on "Ok" then new form appears.

I am writing request specs i.e. using rspec and capybara
Following is my code :
context "update" do
before(:all) do
Capybara.current_driver = :selenium
after(:all) do
it "update user to trainer" do
click_button('Upgrade') #Here after clicking on the "update" button alert box will appear
(retval = "Ok") ? "true" : "false"
page.evaluate_script("window.confirm = function (msg) {
$.cookie('confirm_message', msg)
return #{retval}
p retval #Here i am getting value as "OK"

Now here no error is displayed but the expected page is also not displayed.I do not know whether actual it is hitting OK button or not.
On the last line i.e. save_and_open_page,blank page appears.
Please let me know if i am missing something

Amit Kulkarni


you have (retval = "Ok") rather than (retval == "Ok") which is likely the problem

Thanks a lot.Will try this out and let you know.

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