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Created February 28, 2015 16:00
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=== YES
Is the iPhone 6 Plus bendable? (CNN)
Was Groupon's Hamilton promotion a marketing stunt? (USA Today)
John Simpson: Can Russia and the West reconcile? (BBC)
After Bergdahl, could American contractor Alan Gross be next swap? (CNN)
'Jihadistan': Can Isis militants rule seized territory? (BBC)
Is it right to waste helium on party balloons? (BBC)
A recent poll shows that most doctors give Obamacare low grades – but should this influence voters’ evaluation of the program? (Washington Post)
Exclusive: Can the blood of Ebola survivors create a cure? (Reuters)
RACHEL RICKARD STRAUS: The truth about Black Friday - does this cynical retailers' ploy even offer good deals? (Daily Mail)
Does the University of Virginia owe its fraternities an apology? (Washington Post)
Is welfare spending ever under control? (BBC)
'Game of Thrones' recap: Another slave city about to fall? (Los Angeles Times)
Can we make ourselves happier? (BBC)
Author Reading At A Yoga Class? (Huffington Post)
Hints From Heloise: The return spot is across the lot? (Washington Post)
Can big data crunching help feed the world? (BBC)
Can you be pro-life and pro-death penalty? (CNN)
Are Uber and Lyft doing enough to check the backgrounds of their drivers? (Los Angeles Times)
Can Stanislas Wawrinka Win the French Open? (Wall Street Journal)
A Point of View: Are we really interested in saving time? (BBC)
Meghan Daum: Is there anything more depressing than a holiday e-card? (Los Angeles Times)
Is Vacation Over? (New York Times)
Could A Mother Have Written Go The F*ck To Sleep? (Huffington Post)
Amazon to debut original series programming with 'Alpha House'; should Netflix worry? (Fox News)
Could new net neutrality rules fuel piracy? (BBC)
Could the Ebola outbreak spread to the U.S.? (CNN)
Are We Ready for H.I.V.’s Sexual Revolution? (New York Times)
Are Internships The New Entry-Level Jobs? (Huffington Post)
Will Mattingly and Colletti survive Dodgers disappointment? (New York Post)
When It Comes to Work, Can You Care Too Much? (Wall Street Journal)
Can peace come to Ferguson? (CNN)
Was ‘House of Cards’ worth it for Maryland? (Washington Post)
$370 for kids costumes? (New York Post)
Do Oslo's Olympic cold feet signal a shift in international sport? (CNN)
Flexible Workplace Is Great For Employees -- And The Companies They Work For? (Huffington Post)
Are board committees bound to any laws or rules? (Los Angeles Times)
Does the WW1 tourist trade exploit the memory of the fallen? (BBC)
Jennifer Egan On GoodRead's Online Book Club: Can An Online Forum Really Be A Book Club? (Huffington Post)
He wants to make it playing video games on Twitch. But will people pay to watch? (Washington Post)
Does Nicki Minaj single cover disrespect Malcolm X? (USA Today)
Could Indiana Gov. Mike Pence be our next president? (Fox News)
Could Slattery and Hamm be Broadway’s next dynamic duo? (New York Post)
Net neutrality should you care about it? (BBC)
Rowan Pelling's sex column: Is my online suitor a cad? (Daily Mail)
Is fashion moving beyond brands? (Los Angeles Times)
Do heart patients fare better when the doctor is away? (Fox News)
Project Brabham: Can fan funding bring back an icon to Formula One? (CNN)
Snakehead fish: Can invasive species be eaten out of existence? (BBC)
Designed in China coming to a store near you? (BBC)
Opinion: Does Obama still have faith in government? (CNN)
Jeb Bush's long campaign begins? (CNN)
Will 'chilling effect' of Sony mess dissipate now? (USA Today)
Victoria's Secret shows: Where famous dudes go to model shop? (Fox News)
AirAsia QZ8501: Does bad weather cause plane crashes? (BBC)
World's Largest Yoga Class? (Fox News)
Holman Jenkins: A Faster Internet in 2015? (Wall Street Journal)
CNN Poll: Is Obamacare working? (CNN)
Pocket Economist: Should money change how I watch soccer? (Washington Post)
Big Data: Are you ready for blastoff? (BBC)
Are We Missing the Big Picture on Climate Change? (New York Times)
Has Zumba Peaked? (Wall Street Journal)
Political Diary: Obama, Ferguson and . . . the U.N.? (Wall Street Journal)
'Mockingjay': Is it time to end Hollywood's final-book mitosis? (Los Angeles Times)
Bill de Blasio is lucky, but can he run NYC? (NY Daily News)
Universal credit an IT fiasco? (BBC)
F1: Is Sebastian Vettel exchanging his Red Bull for a Prancing Horse? (CNN)
Ukraine crisis: Will war return? (BBC)
Can Writers Still ‘Make It New’? (New York Times)
Can another Cuomo win over America? (CNN)
Growing divide among Senate Republicans on spending bill? (Fox News)
Can Seafood Be Kosher and Sustainable? (New York Times)
Should tipped workers make a higher minimum wage? (BBC)
Got Plans? (Washington Post)
Mars' once-thick atmosphere long since stripped; bad news for life? (Los Angeles Times)
Is fracking polluting the air? (USA Today)
Could plasma-surfing electrons star in future particle accelerators? (Los Angeles Times)
Is reheated pasta less fattening? (BBC)
Australia shark attacks: Would cull work? (BBC)
Should I save into my auto-enrolment workplace pension? (Daily Mail)
#BBCtrending: Is it ok to be a chubby woman in Japan? (BBC)
Has Jenson Button married Jessica Micibata? (Daily Mail)
'Peanuts' trailer has Snoopy, Charlie Brown and ... Flo Rida? (Los Angeles Times)
Could Japanese shiitake mushrooms kill the HPV virus that causes cervical cancer? (Daily Mail)
Were the CIA's enhanced interrogation tactics 'torture'? (Fox News)
Is Justin Bieber getting special treatment? (CNN)
Is a cashless society on the cards? (CNN)
Are corroded AA batteries dangerous? (Fox News)
Lionel Messi's Perfect 10: Is Barcelona star set to create more history with Neymar and Luis Suarez? (Daily Mail)
Can Jeremy Grantham Profit From Ecological Mayhem? (New York Times)
Winter Olympics skating on thin ice? (CNN)
Will Biden's laughs become campaign issue? (USA Today)
Did you survive the ‘Instagram rapture’? (Washington Post)
An admin blunder from the 1990s means 10% of my pension has been paid in error - do I have to pay it back? (Daily Mail)
Zack Greinke is batting ninth for Dodgers? In this lineup? (Los Angeles Times)
Climate change is here, now. Will the world act? (Los Angeles Times)
'The Sing-Off': Will it be music to the ears of those in 'Glee' withdrawal? (NY Daily News)
The Cost of Spending: Can deficit-reduction plans make a dent? (Fox News)
Can the Nervous System Be Hacked? (New York Times)
Is ‘Vampire Diaries’ losing its bite? (New York Post)
From 'LA Ink' to the NFL: Are reality TV and pro sports helping tattoos go mainstream? (Fox News)
Can supersized golf holes recruit new players? (BBC)
Europe economy: Will 2015 bring economic growth? (BBC)
Will Senate act to help persecuted Christians, other religious minorities around the world? (Fox News)
Can I get my job back if I get fired? (New York Post)
Will U.S. strikes hurt ISIS' oil riches? (CNN)
Travel advice: Are city passes worth the money? (Daily Mail)
Into The Woods: A film fairytale for the 21st century? (BBC)
Does the 'good corporate citizen' get a say in the political process? (Los Angeles Times)
Is The Economy Contributing To The Rise In Millennial Suicides? (Huffington Post)
Analysis: Could support for the 'other' Kurds stall Islamic State? (BBC)
Pushing Button: Could F1 star Jenson go pro in triathlon? (CNN)
Is America an unjust nation? (Fox News)
A Wi-Fi Problem for Hotels? (Wall Street Journal)
Does Islamic State have chemical weapons? (BBC)
Could Russian economic turmoil lead to Putin's downfall? (CNN)
Rosetta postcard: Could you jump from these cliffs? (Los Angeles Times)
Titanic's Sinking: Was It More Than Human Folly? (Huffington Post)
Could future spaceships be built with artificial 'bone'? (Los Angeles Times)
Could 'extra care' property villages help elderly beat care home fees? (Daily Mail)
Washington Redskins: Time to change the name? (BBC)
Would you drive a car made by a 3D printer? (Fox News)
Soaring energy bills can smart technology help? (BBC)
Should White House admit ObamaCare redistributes wealth? (Fox News)
Tinder for business? (CNN)
Reactions to the Cuba thaw: Will this change matter? (Los Angeles Times)
Can Cutting Down Trees Actually Help Save The Planet? (Huffington Post)
In search for renewable energy sources, could trash be king? (Fox News)
Could ISIS retaliate against the West? (CNN)
Is our speedy, instant gratification culture making any of our lives better? (Los Angeles Times)
Is Uber’s surge pricing fair? (Washington Post)
Great American Bites: Is In-N-Out Burger overhyped? (USA Today)
Will people still be useful in the 21st century? (CNN)
Political Diary: Will Voters Roll the Dice? (Wall Street Journal)
A Sea Change in Greece? (New York Times)
Can Huntsman's 'secret weapons' help his poll numbers? (CNN)
Byron Johnson and Maria Pagano: Can Faith Rewire an Addict's Brain? (Wall Street Journal)
Mood, mental performance and menopause: all hormone related? (Los Angeles Times)
Should Kink Be Considered A Sexual Orientation? (Huffington Post)
Can art and artist be separated? (BBC)
Can collaboration between schools, unions fix failing campuses? (Los Angeles Times)
Is New York Going to Have Its Own Men’s Fashion Week? (New York Times)
Intermittent fasting: Should you exercise on empty? (CNN)
Can internet companies monitor terrorists? (BBC)
Is The Omnipresent Acaí 'Superfruit' Here To Stay? (Huffington Post)
Michael Gerson: Can Muslim lands learn to tolerate Christianity? (Washington Post)
Opinion: Should we vilify the rich? (CNN)
Is Putin to blame for the plunging rouble? (BBC)
Will Rysheed Jordan ever be allowed to talk to the media? (New York Post)
Can my dad give us wedding money before he enters care? (Daily Mail)
Can a northern tech cluster take off? (BBC)
Mercenaries: not such a bad idea? (New York Post)
Cheating Runs Rampant in Schools Across the Country -- But Does It Pay Off? (Huffington Post)
Should Tenure for College Professors Be Abolished? (Wall Street Journal)
Can America handle the truth on race? (CNN)
Terror Down Under: Could it happen here? (Fox News)
Could an 'Avengers'-style Helicarrier become reality? (Fox News)
== NO
Tag your workforce, transform your business? (CNN)
Is Magic the new Pokémon? (New York Post)
Opinion: #HotJesus -- Must He be sexy? (CNN)
Driverless vehicles: End of the road for the trucker? (CNN)
Jeb Bush 2016? (Fox News)
Is this the world's first 'stalker drone'? (CNN)
Charles Manson associate Bruce Davis granted parole -- but will he walk? (CNN)
Are human viruses killing world's last remaining gorillas? (CNN)
Do Online Death Threats Count as Free Speech? (New York Times)
Noah's ark: Did Hollywood get it right? (Fox News)
Are DIY Home-Security Cameras Smart Enough? (Wall Street Journal)
A Point of View: Would you want to live forever? (BBC)
Man kills 3 generations of his family in Washington: Will this be enough to begin tightening gun policies? (Los Angeles Times)
Is class the new race? (CNN)
Is your pilot snapping selfies instead of flying the plane? (New York Post)
Can the web predict the future with long-term bets? (CNN)
Sony's 'The Interview' on strange ground, but is it in cult-film zone? (Los Angeles Times)
U.S. 2016 Ryder Cup success -- powered by dolphins? (CNN)
Is big data dating the key to longlasting romance? (BBC)
Would You Pay To See John The Baptist's Tooth? (Huffington Post)
Is Alamo Bowl a finale for UCLA coach Jim Mora? (Washington Post)
SIMON LAMBERT: Is it time for a ManSheffLeedsPool northern supercity? (Daily Mail)
Is the oil scare over for the stock market? (CNN)
Will President Mohamud be able to tame Somalia? (BBC)
Is Social Media Responsible For The Guilty Verdict In The Renisha McBride Case? (Huffington Post)
A Point of View: Is it better to be religious than spiritual? (BBC)
South Florida, The Nation's Next Tech Hot Spot? (Fox News)
Is the Islamic State really not Islamic? (New York Post)
Q&A: Are my savings safe? (BBC)
Can I get back tax-free allowance after making cash Isa transfer mistake? (Daily Mail)
Are pomegranates key to Afghanistan's future? (BBC)
Did AirAsia pilot land passenger plane on the surface of the sea? (Daily Mail)
Are 'immortal' jellyfish the key to eternal life? (CNN)
Heidi Klum ads showed too much skin for Las Vegas? (Fox News)
Britain a nation of online shopkeepers? (BBC)
Giants’ Cullen Jenkins blasts NFL: Clean sack worse than brawl? (New York Post)
Demystifying dressage: Can ballet teach the world to love dancing horses? (CNN)
June 2014: Echoes of June 1914? (CNN)
Do Illegal Immigrants Actually Hurt the U.S. Economy? (New York Times)
Do long-lost pyramids discovered using Google Earth rival those of Giza? (Fox News)
Can cell phones stop police brutality? (CNN)
Can the Apprentice Undo the Sorcerer's Spells? (New York Times)
President Obama can help Dems take the House -- but will he? (Fox News)
The Beatles: Will we still need them in 2064? (USA Today)
Should workers be forced to clock out to smoke? (BBC)
Are U.S. hospitals prepared for possible Ebola battle? (USA Today)
Can Zambia's crumbling Kariba Dam provide power for all? (BBC)
Can YOU solve the mystery of UVB-76? (Daily Mail)
Are sky-high property prices steering home buyers onto water? (CNN)
Afghanistan: Will the Taliban take over again? (BBC)
Dear John: Cash in pension after losing job? (New York Post)
Rapprochement With Russia? (New York Times)
Is Ginger a Cure for Morning Sickness? (New York Times)
Should students carry guns on campus? (BBC)
The House Of Pain: Can Eric Cantor Redeem The Republican Party And Himself? (Huffington Post)
Are 'smart pills' the best way to stay sharp? (CNN)
Cops in revolt: Gov. Cuomo to the rescue? (New York Post)
Will space be Africa's industry of future? (CNN)
Is the Internet a safe haven for terrorists? (CNN)
Fred Hiatt: Will the West let Putin off the hook? (Washington Post)
Dubai has the world's tallest building and biggest airport ... is it about to overtake London as the most visited city? (Daily Mail)
Do Hashtags Count As Activism? (Huffington Post)
Can this app transform India's postal chaos? (CNN)
Can the World Cup bridge South Africa's sporting divide? (BBC)
Can magic boxes solve urban housing conundrum? (CNN)
Do regular mammograms raise the risk of cancer? (Daily Mail)
Can You Get West Nile Virus More Than Once? (New York Times)
Could DONKEY MILK be the elixir of life? (Daily Mail)
Will 2015 Be the Year of the Chicken? (Wall Street Journal)
Take a Number: Does Chris Johnson Have Too Many Miles for Jets? (Wall Street Journal)
Replace the 'sex talk' with the 'tech talk'? (CNN)
#BBCtrending: Should #jerktech apps exist? (BBC)
Should teachers 'promote' British values? (BBC)
Opinion: Did NSA snooping stop 'dozens' of terrorist attacks? (CNN)
Are there really 100,000 new Christian martyrs every year? (BBC)
Are these the world's best drummers? (CNN)
Opinion: Is Hong Kong's 'Umbrella Movement' dead and buried? (CNN)
Will clueless Oscar voters snub ’12 Years’ star for J.Law? (New York Post)
From 'Late Night' to Google: Are talented women their own worst enemy? (Los Angeles Times)
Carmen Carrera: America's next supermodel? (CNN)
A Point of View: Are tyrants good for art? (BBC)
The Crafty Traveller: Should I book a hotel direct to get the best deal? (Daily Mail)
We tasted a $3,000 bottle of vodka, but was it worth the price tag? (Los Angeles Times)
Oh La La! Did Shakira Plagiarize French Director For Her World Cup Music Video? (Fox News)
World Cup final: Lionel Messi's moment of immortality? (CNN)
Will the drought kill California's economy? (Los Angeles Times)
Is this the single most important trick to going viral? (Washington Post)
Should life insurance firms have access to your genetic test results? (Los Angeles Times)
Would you spend $675 on a nail polish? (New York Post)
Down to the Last Cigarette? (New York Times)
Does Santa make our kids selfish? (Washington Post)
Are animals the best allies in war? (BBC)
Palau: Is it the world's cannabis capital? (BBC)
Writing A Novel in Three Days: A New Sport? (Huffington Post)
Is MSG bad for you? (Washington Post)
Is Now The Best Time To Buy A Kindle Or A Nook? (Huffington Post)
Keystone delivers death blow to Congress? (Fox News)
Is stress good for you? (BBC)
Do we really need to cancel Christmas? (Fox News)
A white mayor for 'the chocolate city'? (CNN)
Is 2015 the best year for telly EVER? (Daily Mail)
Can backyard hockey reveal global warming? (Fox News)
Hax Philes: Is it selfish to step away from the dysfunction? (Washington Post)
Can Local Farmng Save The Suburbs? (Huffington Post)
Is barefoot running better for you? (Washington Post)
Briefs encounter: Are football stars in underwear the perfect sales package? (CNN)
Was this the worst Super Bowl ever? (New York Post)
Engineer Barbie has computer problems. Call the boys? (USA Today)
Is the era of cheap food at an end? (BBC)
Is Formula One running out of gas? (CNN)
Is organic food worth it, health-wise? (CNN)
Infants too young for late-night movies? (CNN)
Eureka! Did crashing neutron stars forge all gold in Universe? (Los Angeles Times)
Can we trust Egypt's new president? (CNN)
Is income inequality 'morally wrong'? (CNN)
Are The Beatles & Jay Z Really The Biggest Artists In Music History? (Huffington Post)
Is the Loch Ness monster dead? (Fox News)
Will campaign against ISIS unite a divided Congress? (Fox News)
Are missing students in mass graves found near Iguala, Mexico? (CNN)
Formula One: Will great Michael Schumacher ever recover? (CNN)
Could the world return to the 1980s? (BBC)
Soarigami: The end of armrest wars on planes? (Daily Mail)
Royal Ascot on canvas: Is this Britain at its best? (CNN)
Xinjiang: Has China's crackdown on 'terrorism' worked? (BBC)
An accident, then war with North Korea? (CNN)
Looking for love in the White House press pool? (Washington Post)
Katie Holmes Cast In 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Movie? (Huffington Post)
Are all the ants as heavy as all the humans? (BBC)
Remember when Donald Sterling honored Black History Month in March? (Los Angeles Times)
Hints From Heloise: The gift of no return? (Washington Post)
The best Instagram photos of 2014? (CNN)
Has neuroscience left us 'Brainwashed'? (USA Today)
Shake shack: the world's best burger? (Daily Mail)
===== MAYBE
Is Cuba the next hot cruise destination? (Fox News)
Does China heed Britain's wooing? (BBC)
FOREVER BEAUTIFUL: Dare you go for the big chop? (Daily Mail)
Coming soon: Singapore's Jewel Changi, the world's most awesome airport? (CNN)
Peace Process on Life Support? (New York Times)
Can Fair Trade Coffee Save Mexico’s Poorest State? (Fox News)
Will deflated footballs, earlier scandals take air out of Patriots’ winning legacy? (Washington Post)
Could beacon technology transform shopping habits? (BBC)
Did Bristol Palin survive 'Dancing' elimination? (USA Today)
Is medical marijuana safe for children? (CNN)
JAMIE CARRAGHER: Cesc Fabregas might make the difference for Chelsea in their Premier League title ambitions... but will he ever be loved at Stamford Bridge? (Daily Mail)
Opinion: Will Oklahoma come to its senses? (CNN)
Investment charges: Will they become clearer? (BBC)
Can Rafael Nadal's mind conquer his ailing body in 2015? (CNN)
Grandmothers: The Behind-the-Scenes Key to Human Culture? (Wall Street Journal)
Are Ron Paul supporters ready for Rand Paul to carry the torch? (CNN)
Did Ndamukong Suh step on Aaron Rodgers' leg on purpose? (NY Daily News)
Trailer Watch: Spike Jonze's 'Her' for the 'Catfish,' 'Lars' crowd? (Los Angeles Times)
Is Gingrich's 'NewtHampshire' site too little, too late? (CNN)
Elections grinding Congress to a halt? (Fox News)
Obama's gun violence measures: Would they work? (CNN)
Mehta: Are consultants pushing Doug Marrone on the Jets? (NY Daily News)
Is Jerry Reese up to biggest challenge with Giants? (New York Post)
Is LeSean McCoy primed for his 2014 breakout game? (New York Post)
Was Ruby McCollum driven crazy by the white doctor she shot dead, Clifford Leeroy Adams? (Daily Mail)
Lauren Pope voted more fashionable than Kate, Duchess of Cambridge? (Daily Mail)
What’s Next, Synchronized Slopestyle? (New York Times)
Oscar Watch: Will 'Selma' redefine this year's best picture race? (Los Angeles Times)
Nets rewind: Will Brooklyn get to .500 anytime soon? (New York Post)
In a changing mortgage landscape, will it be easier to get a home loan in 2015? (Washington Post)
The Bourbon Democrats rise again? (Washington Post)
Is economic stagnation the new normal? (Los Angeles Times)
Have Boko Haram overreached themselves? (BBC)
Is food insecurity on the rise among college students? (Fox News)
Did Israeli gov't vandalize box that held the bones of Jesus' brother? (Fox News)
Did Emma Stone film a sex tape? (NY Daily News)
Will U.S. Oil Boom Shatter Ban on Crude Exports? (Wall Street Journal)
HOA rejects late payments, opts to foreclose; is that legal? (Los Angeles Times)
Gas and electricity: Simpler tariffs but higher bills? (BBC)
Should you embrace income drawdown after pension freedom in April? (Daily Mail)
FOREVER BEAUTIFUL: Are those gift sets really worth it? (Daily Mail)
Did Europe call Cameron's bluff? (BBC)
‘American Idol’ producers mulling firing Mariah Carey? (NY Daily News)
Knicks rewind: Counting on Bargnani to fix ‘big’ problem? (New York Post)
College football mailbag: Time to expand 4-team playoff yet? (Los Angeles Times)
Is the next Battle of Mosul the clash in which U.S. troops will see combat in Iraq? (Washington Post)
India: The next university superpower? (BBC)
Caroline Wozniacki rebounding with NFL star? (New York Post)
Are you ready to live together? (Fox News)
Is this 158-year-old redwood the UK's oldest living Christmas tree? (Fox News)
Chromecast a TV game changer? (BBC)
#BBCtrending: Are Indians doing PM Modi's clean up challenge? (BBC)
Elections in Israel: Is Netanyahu All Talk? (New York Times)
Heard on the Field: Tanaka a No. 3 Starter? (Wall Street Journal)
A Point of View: Is democracy overrated? (BBC)
Is Watching Porn Considered Cheating? (Huffington Post)
The immigration ruling: a hint on healthcare? (Reuters)
Christians at risk: Will Lebanon go way of region? (New York Post)
Should you take the risk out of your pension investments before retirement? (Daily Mail)
Can Angels fans believe Dipoto that off-season is about accent players? (Los Angeles Times)
Do We Need National Proficiency Standards for All Students? (Wall Street Journal)
Can I use my existing work pension for income drawdown in retirement? (Daily Mail)
Milliner to start for Jets, but will he play four quarters? (New York Post)
RG3 benched by Redskins; is he done in Washington? (New York Post)
Photo essay: Rebirth of Detroit? (Washington Post)
Could Brandon McCarthy turn into next Jason Schmidt for Dodgers? (Los Angeles Times)
A tasty tech takeaway for London? (BBC)
Rowan Pelling's Sex Column: Should I meet up with my old crush? (Daily Mail)
Did ocean device capture Flight MH370's end? (CNN)
Has the road to political redemption gotten shorter? (CNN)
California primary: Will Golden State GOP sink to new low? (Fox News)
Are you in a 'normal' relationship? (Fox News)
Retirees: Have you checked bank CD rates lately? (Reuters)
Will Dolan stick to his word and stay out of Jackson’s way? (New York Post)
Will 2015 Be a Rosy Year for Wine? (Wall Street Journal)
Can Jeb avoid being the Fred Thompson of 2016? (Fox News)
Epsom Derby: Can 'enfant terrible' Kieren Fallon find true redemption? (CNN)
'Miracle' club Eibar a blueprint for soccer's future? (CNN)
Is Obama headed for more big spending in 2015? (Fox News)
Move over, Olivia: Aaron Rodgers’ mojo from this guy’s beard? (New York Post)
LeAnn Rimes wants to have a baby? (Fox News)
Could Devils replace Pete DeBoer with a familiar foe? (New York Post)
‘Special pressure’ has Saban considering Texas? (New York Post)
NFL power rankings: Can the Bengals do the unthinkable? (New York Post)
From Super Bowl to this: Any regrets, Eric Decker? (New York Post)
Will U.S. Markets Maintain Lead Into 2015? (Wall Street Journal)
Junior Isas: Is confusion still putting parents off? (BBC)
Cathy Freeman's missing bodysuit from the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games anonymously handed in... but is it the original? (Daily Mail)
The Power List: Will TJ Holmes Bring BET's News Credibility Back? (Huffington Post)
Can Christie change the subject? (CNN)
Did Obama sell his ISIS strategy? (CNN)
Rex Ryan, Geno Smith and Jets: Haven't we seen this picture before? (Los Angeles Times)
Will Silicon Valley Have Its NFL Moment? (Wall Street Journal)
Raissman: Will Peyton find a TV spot worthy of his talents? (NY Daily News)
"Decade of the City"? (USA Today)
‘The Interview’: Popcorn time on the Hill? (Washington Post)
Did European scientists find dark-matter signal buried in X-rays? (Los Angeles Times)
Ebola: Are cases levelling off? (BBC)
John Edwards and Harry Thomas Jr.: They didn’t think anyone would notice? (Washington Post)
Will 'The Interview' change how Hollywood does business? (Fox News)
Analysis: With gloves off on TV, did rivals connect? (USA Today)
Her teenage son doesn’t listen. Has her discipline grown up along with him? (Washington Post)
Can the Knicks Pull a Nets-Style U-Turn? (Wall Street Journal)
Is the photo better than the vacation? (CNN)
Will the bad be taken out of RBS? (BBC)
Does Chris Christie really want a GOP legislature? (USA Today)
Did patent tease Google Glass 2 design? (Fox News)
Are Giants newbies having trouble adjusting to ‘strict’ Coughlin? (New York Post)
College basketball ahead: Will UCLA make NCAA tournament? (Los Angeles Times)
The era of global government? (BBC)
Will Twiggy's new frocks be enough to put the sparks back into Marks? (Daily Mail)
‘Titanfall’: Xbox One’s killer app? (Fox News)
Revenge of the Democratic techies? (CNN)
Will Giants’ Justin Pugh end up defined by his Eagles debacle? (New York Post)
NFL teams to QB: Can we meet your gal pal? (New York Post)
Will Joe Biden run for president in 2016? (USA Today)
ASK THE DOCTOR: Will I ever get rid of these stomach pains? (Daily Mail)
Is FirstEnergy's Deal Really Worth It? (New York Times)
Would an L.A. minimum wage hike push businesses to nearby cities? (Los Angeles Times)
Flavor-flipping neutrinos: key to Universe's anti-matter mystery? (Los Angeles Times)
Is President Obama's ISIS strategy working? (Fox News)
Shinseki resigns, but will that improve things at VA hospitals? (CNN)
Could this jacket save thousands of motorcyclists? (CNN)
Homeowner association won't make repairs; is there recourse? (Los Angeles Times)
========= NON-POLAR
Why is Formula 1 in crisis? (BBC)
Ebola: How does it compare? (BBC)
Can we rent our home to our daughter while we go travelling - and do we have to pay tax on the income if we do? (Daily Mail)
How did Hong Kong lose Alibaba's business? (BBC)
If President Obama Can Get Home for Dinner, Why Can't You? (Huffington Post)
Rail fares: Where does each pound go? (BBC)
Dodgers are pitching themselves into the playoffs, but what then? (Los Angeles Times)
How key is Bono's guitar playing? (USA Today)
New state pension age: when will you retire? (Daily Mail)
Adams: If Obama and Clinton avoided the joint, why can’t our kids? (New York Post)
What happens if Republicans win the Senate? (Los Angeles Times)
Gambling: Financial fun or costly excess? (BBC)
CNN Fact Check: Candidates positions on contraception? (CNN)
¿Por qué los aviones no transmiten información en tiempo real? (CNN)
James Franco and the 17-year-old: Dishy dish or creepy PR stunt? (Los Angeles Times)
What's next for Benghazi terror suspect Ahmed Abu Khatallah? (CNN)
When will banking ever change? (BBC)
Libor – what is it and why does it matter? (BBC)
WW1: What is the significance of the Menin Gate? (BBC)
Who benefits most from Oregon’s demise? (New York Post)
Why do we need all those nuclear weapons? (Washington Post)
Women Directors Infographic: Why Are There So Few Female Directors In Hollywood? (Huffington Post)
¿La estampida en Shanghái se produjo porque caía "dinero" del cielo? (CNN)
How many ways can Romney say no to 2016? (CNN)
Ukraine economy: How bad is the mess and can it be fixed? (BBC)
From Beyonce to Electra: What inspires insect names? (BBC)
Come November, what's a fringe voter to do in this top-two system? (Los Angeles Times)
The Crafty Traveller's 2013 end of year report: Who were the heroes and villains? (Daily Mail)
On patrol with Italy's Navy: What happens to migrants found at sea? (BBC)
Why U.S. intervenes in Iraq but not Syria? (CNN)
What went wrong for Eric Cantor? (Washington Post)
The Office Ten Years On: Where Are Ricky Gervais, Martin Freeman And The Other Personnel Now? (Huffington Post)
#BBCtrending: Why are Turkish maids melting Saudi hearts? (BBC)
Who’s Playing Marbles Now? (New York Times)
Lance Lynn: Pine tar not universal — but what’s that smudge? (New York Post)
Cuba reforms: Who are the biggest winners? (BBC)
FACTBOX-In Keystone pipeline case, what might Nebraska court do? (Reuters)
Take the pension buyout, or wait for a better deal down the road? (Reuters)
Who Doesn't Need a Kennedy Ashtray? (New York Times)
Who is doing what in the coalition battle against ISIS? (CNN)
What did Scottish councils spend on the Queen's Baton Relay? (BBC)
Why do we value gold? (BBC)
After historic court rulings, what's next for gay rights movement? (CNN)
NASCAR championship today: How does it work? (USA Today)
How do you make (or lose) money in Formula One? (BBC)
How British is Britain? (BBC)
Who’s the Nationals’ MVP this season? (Washington Post)
Osama Bin Laden: What happened to his body? (BBC)
Syria's presidential election: How fair can a vote be in a war zone? (CNN)
Who, What, Why: How do flying ants know it's mating day? (BBC)
Innocent man freed: Did the system fail, or work? (Los Angeles Times)
The $7m question how did a broke Icelander create a worldbeating app? (BBC)
Just how important is Magna Carta 800 years on? (BBC)
What’s behind wage stagnation? (Washington Post)
Why Do We Still Care About the Dow? (New York Times)
Sale, suspension, slap on wrist: What happens to Donald Sterling? (New York Post)
Facebook's big deal: What else could you buy for $16B? (USA Today)
What does US immigration overhaul mean? (BBC)
On immigration, will Obama shape his legacy or the next election? (Los Angeles Times)
Policy? What Policy? (Wall Street Journal)
A Point of View: Why are the Beatles so popular 50 years on? (BBC)
A Point Of View: What is history's role in society? (BBC)
How are Venezuelans coping with tumbling oil prices? (BBC)
Hints From Heloise: Where do pine nuts come from? (Washington Post)
Why does spaghetti break into three pieces when you snap it in half? (Washington Post)
India elections: Who is Narendra Modi? (BBC)
What Kind of Managers Target
Their Own Jobs in Cost Cutting? (Wall Street Journal)
Quiz of the year pt 1: Who said that? (BBC)
Where has "Super" Mario Balotelli gone? (CNN)
'Universal background check:' What does it mean? (CNN)
I Nearly Died. So What? (New York Times)
How serious is the Boomer & Carton vs. Mike Francesa rivalry? (New York Post)
Just who is going to start in center for the Dodgers? (Los Angeles Times)
Lakers FYI: What might have been with Chris Paul? (Los Angeles Times)
Turkey Bacon Obviously Isn't Bacon, So What Is It, Anyway? (Huffington Post)
Chelsea captain John Terry got on the scoresheet but which defender has netted the most Premier League goals? (Daily Mail)
Flare-up in Israeli-Palestinian violence: Why now? (CNN)
How will we remember Bill Cosby? (CNN)
Is Google Glass on the brink of going mainstream, or the brink of failure? (Fox News)
MLB free agency: Who will be a bust and who will be a bargain? (Washington Post)
Why Are Millions Of Muslims Signing Up For Online Dating? (Huffington Post)
Dana Milbank: How can America inspire the Slacktivist Generation to action? (Washington Post)
¿Quién causó realmente el ataque a Sony? (CNN)
Following the death of Lizzie Watkins, why does hockey refuse to protect its players? (Daily Mail)
Is LeBron James a cramper? And if so, why? (Washington Post)
Heisman Watch: Mariota or Prescott — Who has it tougher? (USA Today)
Pensions tax relief: How much can be saved? (BBC)
How far would Sofia Vergara go to stay youthful? (Los Angeles Times)
How Little Sleep Can You Get Away With? (New York Times)
Investigating AirAsia QZ8501: What needs to be done? (CNN)
Washington National Opera’s tuneful ‘Little Prince’ pleases kids — or does it? (Washington Post)
Architects and torture: What color is your waterboard? (CNN)
Is the perception of bankers in the UK still 'toxic'? (BBC)
When Will These Heartbreaking Gun Violence Front Pages Stop Having To Be Printed? (Huffington Post)
Bill Cosby raped me. Why did it take 30 years for people to believe my story? (Washington Post)
What are potential 2016 candidates tweeting? (USA Today)
World Cup continues: Guelaguetza or Rosalind's? (Los Angeles Times)
Flight QZ8501: What is AirAsia? (BBC)
Why won't the Supreme Court decide on same-sex marriage? (Los Angeles Times)
Where in the world is Darrelle Revis? (NY Daily News)
What changed for 'Foxcatcher' since Cannes? (USA Today)
Vacchiano: Giants, Cowboys or Eagles, who will rule NFC East? (NY Daily News)
Career average pensions: How do they work? (BBC)
She Hopes To Adopt Again Soon, But How To Prepare Her Toddler? (Huffington Post)
What's fishy about your shrimp? (CNN)
AirAsia Flight QZ8501: Who was on board? (CNN)
Ferguson: Are the police our servants or our masters? (Fox News)
Baseball Hall of Fame: Who would you vote into Cooperstown? (NY Daily News)
Erik Martin helped make Reddit huge, then he left. What's next for an Internet master? (Washington Post)
#AsíLoVivimos: ¿Cuál fue la noticia de la semana? (CNN)
Best of the Web Today: A Reprieve, but for Whom? (Wall Street Journal)
¿"The Interview" cambiará la manera como Hollywood hace negocios? (Fox News)
A Point of View: Why does everyone hate Birmingham... even Jane Austen? (BBC)
Amazon's drones: What happens if my cat catches one? (Los Angeles Times)
Where are Blue Jays going with their dizzying dealing? (New York Post)
Why do some celebrities dramatically alter their faces? (Fox News)
Why Do New Yorkers Get So Little Sleep? (Huffington Post)
Who'll get picked at Supplemental Draft? (Fox News)
L.I.@WORK - Biotech - Golden Egg Or Wrong Basket? (New York Times)
Which 'Wire' character reminds Obama adviser of Jeb Bush? (CNN)
Online Privacy: Who Writes the Rules? (New York Times)
BBC vs ITV: Who'll win the big TV shoot-out of 2014 World Cup final? (Daily Mail)
Missing planes and air disasters: How bad was 2014? (CNN)
Budget calculator: How will Budget 2014 affect you? (BBC)
What credit score do I need to refinance? (USA Today)
Who are the three women freed in Cleveland? (CNN)
Ebola: How does the virus attack human cells? (BBC)
Which supermarket Xmas pud tastes like burnt lorry tyres? And which delighted the toughest taste panel of all - pud-addict QUENTIN LETTS and his family? (Daily Mail)
What is a continuing resolution? (Washington Post)
Tom Sietsema’s FAQs: How does he do it? (Washington Post)
When Is A Good But Challenging Drama Too Dark? (Huffington Post)
Which defense is the key to fantasy football glory? (New York Post)
Windows 8 ya está entre nosotros, pero ¿qué tiene de novedoso? (CNN)
How will US respond to the hacking attack on Sony Pictures? (Fox News)
What lies behind Afghanistan's insider attacks? (BBC)
Diet: It's their job to warn us of the perils of being obese. So what happened when these health experts realised they were fat? (Daily Mail)
Going Dutch: What is a collective pension scheme? (BBC)
What have British troops achieved in Afghanistan? (BBC)
Roundup: How did Paul Ryan do? (CNN)
Leveson Report: What next for PM? (BBC)
If Giving Feels So Good, Why Don’t We Do It? (New York Times)
Outlook: Why are the Marines the military's biggest backers of 'don't ask, don't tell'? (Washington Post)
Doctor Burnout: How Common Is It? (Huffington Post)
Guantanamo Bay: What happens when detainees finally get out? (CNN)
Mark Sanchez ends with a bang — so what next? (New York Post)
Who's afraid of Egypt? (Washington Post)
California's new laws for 2015: How are you affected? (Los Angeles Times)
What computer monitor features are important for reducing eye fatigue? (Fox News)
Why do people cough during concerts? (BBC)
What led Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale to murder Rigby? (CNN)
Presidential campaign? What presidential campaign? (USA Today)
Metro stations, or monuments to career politicians? (Los Angeles Times)
What Will Israel Become? (New York Times)
What is the White House's 2015 spending plan? (Fox News)
Sugar Bowl | Alabama vs. Ohio State: Who has the edge? (USA Today)
End of Bryce Harper-Nationals beef, or just the beginning? (New York Post)
Why are the world's older trees disappearing? (BBC)
Keira Knightley's topless stunt: Valid protest or shameless self-promotion? (Los Angeles Times)
Why do so many people want cosmetic procedures? (BBC)
Ask a science teacher: What is a black hole? (Fox News)
Who's killing Muslims? (CNN)
How Do I Stage a Bathroom for Showings? (New York Times)
BREAKINGVIEWS-Everything Everywhere LBO: someday, somehow? (Reuters)
We're No. 1! We're No. 1! We're ... uh ... not? (CNN)
Who will be the next to die on ‘The Walking Dead’? (New York Post)
Why do Americans love ancient grains? (BBC)
What is May Day all about? (Washington Post)
Obama: Clark Kent or Superman? (CNN)
SKETCHBOOK: For Julia Pierson, the Secret Service…or Secret Circus? (Washington Post)
WWI Christmas Truce football match: Fact or fiction? (CNN)
Pension freedom will hand retirees control - so why are the experts so nervous? (Daily Mail)
To just what point do the Dodgers hang on to their prized prospects? (Los Angeles Times)
Why do so many female veterans struggle to find work? (CNN)
When are GOP candidates going to take on Herman Cain? (CNN)
An $8,200 Cartier Diving Watch or a Boatload of Deep-Sea Treasure? (Wall Street Journal)
Who’s been naughty and who’s been nice? (Washington Post)
Better blonde or brunette? (Fox News)
The film cast of ‘Diner’: Where are the actors now? (Washington Post)
What's a hospital supposed to do if an Ebola patient shows up? (CNN)
L.A. Auto Show: How does a car become 'connected'? (Los Angeles Times)
Africa’s Economy Is Rising. Now What Happens to Its Food? (New York Times)
What's next for the Michael Brown family? (CNN)
Meet the real-life Carrie from Homeland: CIA drama - back on our screens tonight - reads like Valerie Plame's amazing life story. But does she think the plots are fact or fiction? (Daily Mail)
Which 'Wire' character reminds Pfeiffer of Jeb Bush? (CNN)
How did 6 die after Bowe Bergdahl's disappearance? (CNN)
Who is 'professor' from Michael Brown autopsy? (CNN)
#Asílovivimos: ¿Cuál fue la noticia del 2014? (CNN)
Is Neel Kashkari debating Jerry Brown to win, place or merely show? (Los Angeles Times)
Who is the hero student who pounced on the Seattle gunman? (CNN)
Is your brain male or female? (BBC)
Who thought bullying and patronising Scots was way to win independence votes? (Daily Mail)
¿Cuándo son ofensivos los disfraces de “Halloween”? (CNN)
Ask a science teacher: What creates the wind? (Fox News)
Why are more people changing their name? (BBC)
Ask a science teacher: Why is snow white, and where does its color go when the snow melts? (Fox News)
What if other planets took the moon's place? (Daily Mail)
Snapshots: Who are the three women freed in Cleveland? (CNN)
Which groups are under threat by ISIS in Iraq? (CNN)
Isola: What's the upside to all of these Knicks losses? (NY Daily News)
A Point of View: How do we give dignity to the dying? (BBC)
Quiz: What vibe do you give off? (USA Today)
¿Padecer cáncer es cuestión de mala suerte? (CNN)
Ebola: How bad can it get? (BBC)
What's in store for China in 2015? (BBC)
A Point Of View: What kind of superpower could China be? (BBC)
Syria conflict: Why did my Tunisian son join the rebels? (BBC)
Why DOES white wine send women crazy? (Daily Mail)
Celebrity travel stories: Where did the stars go in 2013? (Daily Mail)
A Point of View: Whose science is it anyway? (BBC)
Which wealthy socialite won Elton John's Oscar pool? (Fox News)
Who Will Win the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics Medal Count? (Wall Street Journal)
What’s wrong with a little parental supervision? (Washington Post)
Are Le'Veon Bell, Aaron Rodgers Week 17 winners or losers? (USA Today)
What if we punted ‘the Redskins’? (Washington Post)
What has the UK accomplished in Afghanistan? (BBC)
Annuities: What now for retirement income? (BBC)
What to expect in 2013? (BBC)
China's Moment of Truth: Financial Reform or Growth? (Wall Street Journal)
Year of Code PR fiasco or vital mission? (BBC)
Heuchera is a popular perennial for shade, but which variety is best? (Washington Post)
Election results looked nothing like the polls -- what gives? (Fox News)
Steve Jobs resignation: What does it mean for Apple? (BBC)
Should emails open with Dear, Hi, or Hey? (BBC)
Remember The Fresh Promise Of Barack Obama? What Happened To That Guy? (Huffington Post)
The Petraeus Affair: Who is Jill Kelley? (CNN)
7 billion people worldwide will ring in 2015, but where will they travel? (Los Angeles Times)
What is difference between security deposit and holding deposit? (Los Angeles Times)
Which Buzzwords Would You Ban? (Wall Street Journal)
Council cuts: Just what is a 'nonjob'? (BBC)
In prison with alShabab: What drives Somali militants? (BBC)
How much do the Golden Globes predict the Oscars? (NY Daily News)
#BBCtrending: How funny can you be in six seconds? (BBC)
How stressed are you? (BBC)
Scenarios: How will Thailand's crisis play out? (Reuters)
NFL divisional-round matchups: Who holds the edge? (USA Today)
Scottish independence: What's going on in Scotland? (BBC)
Why are rare earth elements so important? (BBC)
'I thought I was travelling to Brazil to watch the World Cup - so why am I being held upside down by a tattooed man with pierced nipples talking about bandhas? (Daily Mail)
How did this human face appear in a gemstone? (CNN)
How to get a baby to sleep more? (Washington Post)
'Unbroken': Where's the rest of Louis Zamperini's story? (Fox News)
Can Obama Find Thumpin’ to Say? (Wall Street Journal)
What makes the Sony hack any different from the ‘Fappening’? (Washington Post)
Why is every ‘word of the year’ so cringe-worthy? (New York Post)
Police shootings: Who's most likely to be killed? (CNN)
Who’s More Famous Than Jesus? (New York Times)
¿Quiénes iban en el vuelo QZ8501 de AirAsia? (CNN)
Ask a science teacher: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? (Fox News)
Who, What, Why: How dangerous are swans? (BBC)
PETER MCKAY: Why are the liberals so keen on a black 007? (Daily Mail)
Defence spending: What's the deal? (BBC)
How low can the Knicks go? 60 losses? 70? (New York Post)
Why are kidney disease and renal failure so prevalent among cats? (Washington Post)
Which foods are off Russian menus? (CNN)
Adam Armstrong was handed his debut for Newcastle United's trip to Old Trafford... but who is the 17-year-old forward? (Daily Mail)
Where are you on the global fat scale? (BBC)
What’s in a Name? (New York Times)
The most useful thing you'll do today? (BBC)
If Carrie gets better, what happens to ‘Homeland’? (Washington Post)
What happens next in the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370? (CNN)
Cruising with the children: Guaranteed family fun or a real holiday from hell? (Daily Mail)
Bishop accused in bicylist death raises question: Who’s qualified to be clergy? (Washington Post)
Why do Republicans oppose unemployment benefits? (CNN)
What has the European Parliament ever done for us? (BBC)
How Low Will Stocks Go? (Wall Street Journal)
Why are we still debating climate change? (CNN)
Was Senate staffer Ryan Loskarn a victim of child abuse, an abuser or both? (Washington Post)
Glasgow 2014: What is the Queen's Baton Relay? (BBC)
What's Dear To You In The Month Of December? (Huffington Post)
What is Enterovirus EV-D68, the disease causing alarm in the Midwest? (CNN)
Lindsay Lohan has chikungunya, so what is it? (NY Daily News)
So how does Andy Murray's girlfriend Kim Sears' hair stay that glossy? (Daily Mail)
What Makes a Great Stock Analyst? (Wall Street Journal)
Who can protect BosniaHercegovina's cultural heritage? (BBC)
7 Apple rumors; which will prove true? (Los Angeles Times)
Which ‘Singles Project’ stars will couple up for the finale? (New York Post)
Two days to cuts: What's Congress doing? (CNN)
Why does Wisconsin send so many black people to jail? (BBC)
PETER MCKAY: Where are statesmen to stop the suffering? (Daily Mail)
Bode Miller: ¿De estrella de esquí a entrenador de caballos? (CNN)
What's not in Hillary Clinton's memoir? (CNN)
How Do YOU Unplug And Recharge? (Huffington Post)
Ghoulish stabbing raises question: Who is Slenderman? (CNN)
Who are the alJazeera journalists on trial in Egypt? (BBC)
Who’s going to watch this Thursday Night Football abomination? (New York Post)
Taliban school attack: What do the militants want? (CNN)
Ferguson protests: How many cities have the same problems? (BBC)
Ukraine's failing economy: Who is to blame? (BBC)
Q&A;: What's behind the Chicago teachers' strike? (CNN)
BBC Star Salaries: Who Are They Paying More Than £500,000 To? (Huffington Post)
Which team will be next season’s Auburn? (New York Post)
Just where is her husband's home? (Los Angeles Times)
What's next for Officer Darren Wilson? (CNN)
Where in the world will Americans travel in 2015? (USA Today)
Derek Lawrenson: What next for Ian Poulter and Lee Westwood? (Daily Mail)
What is jihadism? (BBC)
Tesco, what went wrong? (BBC)
Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet: Why is it so loved? (BBC)
Could close calls convince Jim Harbaugh to stay in NFL? (Washington Post)
What does the drop in oil prices mean for Venezuelans? (BBC)
When is it OK to leave your teens home alone overnight? (CNN)
Why Are Rwandans Disappearing? (New York Times)
What Is Middle Class in Manhattan? (New York Times)
How will a Republican Congress handle Obama and the culture wars? (Fox News)
What's up with IRS emails? (CNN)
How is PTSD diagnosed? (BBC)
Background checks on gun sales: How do they work? (CNN)
What's in the Cards at the Palazzo? (Washington Post)
Which way will it go? (Washington Post)
AirAsia flight QZ8501: Who were the victims? (BBC)
Battling bills what help is there? (BBC)
Who IS stealing Britain's postboxes? (Daily Mail)
Ask Sam Farmer: What is the meaning of NFL players' pre-snap gestures? (Los Angeles Times)
Where In The World Should You Retire? (Huffington Post)
‘The Voice’ winners of the past: Where are they now? (NY Daily News)
I hired someone with Asperger's -- now what? (CNN)
Who is your 'Mad Men' style icon? (Washington Post)
Nigeria bloodshed: Who are Boko Haram? (CNN)
Plate Lab: Khachapuri is Georgian bread with cheese, eggs, butter. What’s not to like? (Washington Post)
Rebecca Adlington: Why are we closing swimming pools? (BBC)
What was behind the Bristol bus boycott? (BBC)
¿Por qué United Airlines demandó a un joven de 22 años? (CNN)
¿Qué sigue en la investigación del vuelo 8501 de AirAsia? (CNN)
A Point of View: Which comes first trust or trustworthiness? (BBC)
Oscars 2014: So what are you doing tonight? (Los Angeles Times)
Scenarios: What next for Malaysian PM after anti-govt rally? (Reuters)
Who will remain in power for the Redskins in 2015? (Washington Post)
Who was Parliament shooter Michael Zehaf-Bibeau? (CNN)
Slenderbilled curlew: Where has Europe's rarest bird gone? (BBC)
Who, What, Why: Why are US athletes taxed on Olympic medal wins? (BBC)
Ask a science teacher: What makes the colors in fireworks? (Fox News)
Nets rewind: Where’s the bang-up bench play? (New York Post)
Missing plane and air disasters: How bad was 2014? (CNN)
How much gold is there in the world? (BBC)
Stasi: How can stars suffer wardrobe malfunctions with $20K couture? (NY Daily News)
Buying property: Silly money or sound investment? (CNN)
Woolwich: How did Michael Adebolajo become a killer? (BBC)
Kickstarter campaign raises over $250G for tampon alternative: What are menstrual cups? (Fox News)
New Tech for 2015: What do consumers want? (USA Today)
Cruz Azul vs Auckland City - LIVE STREAM: Who will pick up a podium finish in the third-place play off at the Club World Cup? (Daily Mail)
Insight: Three lawyers ask U.S. Supreme Court: Why here? (Reuters)
Ask a science teacher: What makes ice float? (Fox News)
How can Peshawar's traumatised children ever heal? (BBC)
Why travel to Cuba? (USA Today)
MLS: Where Do We Go From Here? (Wall Street Journal)
The Great British class calculator: What class are you? (BBC)
What does a $214 grilled cheese taste like? (Fox News)
How is Ebola being treated on the ground? (BBC)
CIA tactics: What is 'enhanced interrogation'? (BBC)
Who is Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau? (CNN)
It's World Tripe Day! Where would Jonathan Gold celebrate? (Los Angeles Times)
Diapers: Which Countries Prefer to Have Them at Their Disposal? (Wall Street Journal)
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