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An implementation of xmrit as a svelte component for

This is based on the code on xmrit which is the reference implementation.

In order to use this in your own evidence project, you will need to do 4 things

(1) Add the three files below to your \components folder in your evidence project.

  • ShareLinkComponent.svelte
  • types.ts
  • shareLink.ts

(2) Add the lz77 library to your node project

npm install lz77

(3) prepare your data for the component. the two columns must be named "x" and "value"

  select start_date::date::text AS x, 
  from ${my_data}
  order by start_date

(4) add the component to your project

  xdata={prepared_data} />
<script context="module">
export const evidenceInclude = true;
<script lang="ts">
import { generateShareLink } from './shareLink';
export let xLabel = "date";
export let yLabel = "value";
export let xdata = [];
export let dividerLines = [];
export let lockedLimits = null;
export let lockedLimitStatus = null;
let shareLink;
// Whenever any of the props change, this code will run
$: {
if (xLabel && yLabel && xdata) {
shareLink = generateShareLink({xLabel, yLabel, xdata, dividerLines, lockedLimits, lockedLimitStatus});
<!-- You can use {shareLink} anywhere in your HTML now -->
See <a href={shareLink} style="color: blue; text-decoration: underline;">XmR chart</a>
export interface XData {
x: string, // date in yyyy-mm-dd
value: number
export interface DividerLines {
id: string,
x: number // date in unix milliseconds
export interface LockedLimits {
avgX: number,
avgMovement: number,
UNPL: number, // upper natural process limit
LNPL: number, // lower natural process limit
URL: number, // upper range limit
export interface ShareLinkParams {
xLabel: string,
yLabel: string,
xdata: XData[],
dividerLines?: DividerLines[],
lockedLimits?: LockedLimits,
lockedLimitStatus?: number,
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