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Last active Dec 30, 2020
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Differential install

% curl -fsSL | sh

Clean install

This operation takes about an hour.

% curl -fsSL | sh
# tap repositories and their packages
## caskroom/cask
tap caskroom/cask
brew brew-cask
## homebrew/binary
tap homebrew/binary
## homebrew/boneyard
tap homebrew/boneyard
brew googlecl
## homebrew/dupes
tap homebrew/dupes
brew libiconv
## homebrew/php
tap homebrew/php
brew php55
## homebrew/versions
tap homebrew/versions
brew v8-315
## peco/peco
tap peco/peco
brew peco
## rcmdnk/file
tap rcmdnk/file
brew brew-file
# Other Homebrew packages
brew aria2
brew autoconf
brew automake
brew autossh
brew awscli
brew bash
brew bdw-gc
brew boot2docker
brew cloog
brew cmatrix
brew ctags
brew docker
brew docker-compose
brew docker-machine
brew fig
brew freetype
brew gawk
brew gcc
brew gdbm
brew geoip
brew geoipupdate
brew gettext
brew ghostscript
brew gist
brew git
brew git-flow
brew global
brew gmp
brew gnu-sed
brew go
brew graphviz
brew heroku-toolbelt
brew htop-osx
brew httpie
brew hub
brew icu4c
brew iftop
brew imagemagick
brew isl
brew jbig2dec
brew jpeg
brew jsonpp
brew libevent
brew libidn
brew libmpc
brew libpng
brew libtiff
brew libtool
brew libxml2
brew libxslt
brew libyaml
brew little-cms2
brew lv
brew mecab
brew mecab-ipadic
brew mercurial
brew mpfr
brew multitail
brew mysql56
brew ncrack
brew nkf
brew nmap
brew openssl
brew packer
brew passenger
brew pcre
brew pkg-config
brew pstree
brew puf
brew pyenv
brew python
brew qcachegrind
brew qt
brew rbenv
brew readline
brew redis
brew rsense
brew ruby-build
brew siege
brew spark
brew sqlite
brew ssh-copy-id
brew stunnel
brew terminal-notifier
brew tig
brew tmux
brew tree
brew ttyrec
brew unixodbc
brew v8
brew vim
brew w3m
brew watch
brew wget
brew xz
brew zlib
brew zsh
cd /tmp/
curl > Brewfile
export HOMEBREW_BREWFILE=./Brewfile
brew file install
cd /tmp/
curl > Brewfile
export HOMEBREW_BREWFILE=./Brewfile
brew file update
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