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@matsuu matsuu/gist:1650
Created Jul 23, 2008

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# VALUES (_id,name,numeric,mcc,mnc,apn,user,server,password,proxy,port,mmsproxy,mmsport,mmsc,current)
# Telecom New Zealand
"$SQLITE" "$DB" "INSERT INTO carriers VALUES(NULL, 'Telecom New Zealand', '53000', '530', '00', 'internet', 'mobile@jamamobile', '*', 'telecom', NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, 'null', NULL);"
# EMOBILE(emb)
#"$SQLITE" "$DB" "INSERT INTO carriers VALUES(NULL, 'EMOBILE', '44000', '440', '00', '', 'em', '*', 'em', NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, 'null', NULL);"
"$SQLITE" "$DB" "INSERT INTO carriers VALUES(NULL, 'EMOBILE', '44000', '440', '00', 'emnet.connect', 'emobile', '*', 'emobile', '', 8080, NULL, NULL, '', NULL
#"$SQLITE" "$DB" ".dump"
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