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vsigler /
Last active July 6, 2024 13:08 — forked from stecman/
Brother P-Touch PT-P300BT bluetooth driver python

Controlling the Brother P-Touch Cube label maker from a computer

The Brother PTP300BT label maker is intended to be controlled using the official Brother P-Touch Design & Print iOS/Android app. The app has arbitrary limits on what you can print (1 text object and up to 3 preset icons), so I thought it would be a fun challenge to reverse engineer the protocol to print whatever I wanted.

Python code at the bottom if you want to skip the fine details.


Intitially I had a quick peek at the Android APK to see if there was any useful information inside. The code that handles the communication with the printer in Print&Design turned out to be a native library, but the app clearly prepares a bitmap image and passes it to this native library for printing. Bitmaps are definitely something we can work with.

-- clock test
-- adjust mul/div
-- with e2/e3
-- change clock settings
-- from parameters menu
-- = 'PolyPerc'
lattner /
Last active July 19, 2024 00:30
Swift Concurrency Manifesto

Interactive Machine Learning

Taught by Brad Knox at the MIT Media Lab in 2014. Course website. Lecture and visiting speaker notes.

gbaman /
Last active July 18, 2024 03:21
Simple guide for setting up OTG modes on the Raspberry Pi Zero, the fast way!

Setting up Pi Zero OTG - The quick way (No USB keyboard, mouse, HDMI monitor needed)

More details -

For this method, alongside your Pi Zero, MicroUSB cable and MicroSD card, only an additional computer is required, which can be running Windows (with Bonjour, iTunes or Quicktime installed), Mac OS or Linux (with Avahi Daemon installed, for example Ubuntu has it built in).
1. Flash Raspbian Jessie full or Raspbian Jessie Lite onto the SD card.
2. Once Raspbian is flashed, open up the boot partition (in Windows Explorer, Finder etc) and add to the bottom of the config.txt file dtoverlay=dwc2 on a new line, then save the file.
3. If using a recent release of Jessie (Dec 2016 onwards), then create a new file simply called ssh in the SD card as well. By default SSH i

maxvt /
Last active July 5, 2024 13:01
Infrastructure Secret Management Software Overview

Currently, there is an explosion of tools that aim to manage secrets for automated, cloud native infrastructure management. Daniel Somerfield did some work classifying the various approaches, but (as far as I know) no one has made a recent effort to summarize the various tools.

This is an attempt to give a quick overview of what can be found out there. The list is alphabetical. There will be tools that are missing, and some of the facts might be wrong--I welcome your corrections. For the purpose, I can be reached via @maxvt on Twitter, or just leave me a comment here.

There is a companion feature matrix of various tools. Comments are welcome in the same manner.

hardillb / wemo-light.js
Last active November 3, 2016 08:08
Wemo lights example - "npm install wemo-js xml2js" then "node wemo-light.js" for instructions
var wemo = require('wemo-js');
var http = require('http');
var util = require('util');
var xml2js = require('xml2js');
var postbodyheader = [
'<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>',
'<s:Envelope xmlns:s="" s:encodingStyle="">',
acolyer /
Last active July 10, 2024 05:13
Internet Scale Services Checklist

Internet Scale Services Checklist

A checklist for designing and developing internet scale services, inspired by James Hamilton's 2007 paper "On Desgining and Deploying Internet-Scale Services."

Basic tenets

  • Does the design expect failures to happen regularly and handle them gracefully?
  • Have we kept things as simple as possible?
xymor /
Last active September 28, 2016 01:19
Java whitelist ssl certificate
keytool -printcert -sslserver -rfc > fcontrol.pem
#alternative: openssl s_client -quiet -showcerts -connect | sed -n '/-BEGIN CERTIFICATE-/,/-END CERTIFICATE-/p' > fcontrol.pem
keytool -import -trustcacerts -alias -file fcontrol.pem -keystore /home/raphaelm/projects/git-repos/ideais-kanlo/etc/kanlo2/vmfiles/etc/pki/java/cacerts
#list trusted certificates
keytool -list -keystore /home/raphaelm/projects/git-repos/ideais-kanlo/etc/kanlo2/vmfiles/etc/pki/java/cacerts