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homebrew formula for dphase's fork of macvim
require 'formula'
# Reference:
# my install command: brew install macvim_dphase --env-std --override-system-vim --custom-icons --HEAD
class MacvimDphase < Formula
head '', :branch => 'master'
option "custom-icons", "Try to generate custom document icons"
option "override-system-vim", "Override system vim"
depends_on :xcode
depends_on 'cscope' => :recommended
depends_on 'lua' => :optional
depends_on 'luajit' => :optional
depends_on :python => :recommended
depends_on :python3 => :optional
env :std if MacOS.version <= :snow_leopard
# Help us! We'd like to use superenv in these environments too
def install
# MacVim doesn't have and required any Python package, unset PYTHONPATH.
# Set ARCHFLAGS so the Python app (with C extension) that is
# used to create the custom icons will not try to compile in
# PPC support (which isn't needed in Homebrew-supported systems.)
ENV['ARCHFLAGS'] = "-arch #{MacOS.preferred_arch}"
# If building for 10.7 or up, make sure that CC is set to "clang".
ENV.clang if MacOS.version >= :lion
# macvim HEAD only works with the current Ruby.framework because it builds with -framework Ruby
system_ruby = "/System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/Current/usr/bin/ruby"
args = %W[
args << "--with-macsdk=#{MacOS.version}" unless MacOS::CLT.installed?
args << "--enable-cscope" if build.with? "cscope"
if build.with? "lua"
args << "--enable-luainterp"
args << "--with-lua-prefix=#{HOMEBREW_PREFIX}"
if build.with? "luajit"
args << "--enable-luainterp"
args << "--with-lua-prefix=#{HOMEBREW_PREFIX}"
args << "--with-luajit"
if build.with? "python"
if build.without? "python3"
# MacVim seems to link Python by `-framework Python` (instead of
# `python-config --ldflags`) and so we have to pass the -F to point to
# where the Python.framework is located, we want it to use!
# Also the -L is needed for the correct linking. This is a mess but we have
# to wait until MacVim is really able to link against different Python's
# on the Mac. Note configure detects brewed python correctly, but that
# is ignored.
# See
py_prefix = `python-config --prefix`.chomp
ENV.prepend "LDFLAGS", "-L#{py_prefix}/lib/python2.7/config -F#{py_prefix.parent.parent.parent}"
args << "--enable-pythoninterp"
args << "--enable-pythoninterp=dynamic" << "--enable-python3interp=dynamic"
elsif build.with? "python3"
args << "--enable-python3interp"
unless MacOS::CLT.installed?
# On Xcode-only systems:
# Macvim cannot deal with "/Applications/" as
# it is returned by `xcode-select -print-path` and already set by
# Homebrew (in superenv). Instead Macvim needs the deeper dir to directly
# append "SDKs/...".
args << "--with-developer-dir=#{MacOS::Xcode.prefix}/Platforms/MacOSX.platform/Developer/"
system "./configure", *args
if build.with? "python"
if build.with? "python3"
py_prefix = `python-config --prefix`.chomp
inreplace "src/auto/", /-DDYNAMIC_PYTHON_DLL=\\".*\\"/,
py3_version = /\d\.\d/.match `python3 --version 2>&1`
py3_prefix = `python#{py3_version}-config --prefix`.chomp
inreplace 'src/auto/', /-DDYNAMIC_PYTHON3_DLL=\\".*\\"/,
unless Formula.factory("python").installed?
inreplace "src/auto/config.h", "/* #undef PY_NO_RTLD_GLOBAL */",
"#define PY_NO_RTLD_GLOBAL 1"
inreplace "src/auto/config.h", "/* #undef PY3_NO_RTLD_GLOBAL */",
"#define PY3_NO_RTLD_GLOBAL 1"
if build.include? "custom-icons"
# Get the custom font used by the icons
cd 'src/MacVim/icons' do
system "make getenvy"
# Building custom icons fails for many users, so off by default.
inreplace "src/MacVim/icons/Makefile", "$(MAKE) -C makeicns", ""
inreplace "src/MacVim/icons/", "dont_create = False", "dont_create = True"
system "make"
prefix.install "src/MacVim/build/Release/"
inreplace "src/MacVim/mvim", /^# VIM_APP_DIR=\/Applications$/,
bin.install "src/MacVim/mvim"
# Create MacVim vimdiff, view, ex equivalents
executables = %w[mvimdiff mview mvimex gvim gvimdiff gview gvimex]
executables += %w[vi vim vimdiff view vimex] if build.include? "override-system-vim"
executables.each {|f| ln_s bin+'mvim', bin+f}
def caveats
if build.with? "python" and build.with? "python3"
MacVim has been built with dynamic loading of Python 2 and Python 3.
Note: if MacVim dynamically loads both Python 2 and Python 3, it may
crash. For more information, see:
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