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Build a pie chart using d3.js and send the result to stdout
/* jsdomtest.js: Build a pie chart using d3.js and send the result to stdout
* Requires d3.js and d3.layout.js in same directory
* Requires pie.js from this gist:
* ex. node jsdomtest.js > pie.svg
var jsdom = require('jsdom'),
scripts = ["file://"+__dirname+"/d3.min.js",
htmlStub = '<!DOCTYPE html><div id="pie" style="width:'+400+'px;height:'+400+'px;"></div>';
jsdom.env({features:{QuerySelector:true}, html:htmlStub, scripts:scripts, done:function(errors, window) {
var svgsrc = window.insertPie("#pie", 400, 400, [0.25,0.25,0.5]).innerHTML;
oulan commented Jan 19, 2012

I test this code with node.js 0.6.4 under Ubuntu. But I get a "querySelector" error with node-inspector.


Great catch oulan, thank you. I forgot to provide QuerySelector:true here. Can you try this updated gist and let me know?

oulan commented Jan 19, 2012

I try with these code:

jsdom.defaultDocumentFeatures = { QuerySelector : true}; 
jsdom.env(htmlStub, scripts, { features: {QuerySelector : true } }
    function(errors, window) {
    var svg = window.insertPie("#pie", 400, 400, [0.25,0.25,0.5]);
    var svgsrc = svg.innerHTML;

Still catch "querySelector" error

When I try these after 'htmlStub' line :


jsdom.defaultDocumentFeatures = { 'QuerySelector' : true};    

I get a reference error of "document is not defined " at sizzle.js 908:6

oulan commented Jan 19, 2012

Oh. Thanks. I try the code you newly committed. It's ok now. Thank you.


Great! Glad to hear it. I updated the other gist with the small http server as well.

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