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Faster Capybara Specs
gem 'database_cleaner', group: :test
RSpec.configure do |config|
# ...
config.use_transactional_fixtures = false
config.before(:each) do
DatabaseCleaner.strategy = if example.metadata[:js]
config.after(:each) do

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mattbrictson commented May 21, 2012

More information in this blog post:


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MikeBlyth commented Aug 29, 2012

Thanks, his is great! I experimented with every way I could think of to put the transaction strategy into only the needed tests, but didn't realize there was this example.metadata[:js] trick. This should definitely be put into the docs for database_cleaner on github.


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topherfangio commented Oct 17, 2012

Man, this is super helpful! Just reduced by tests from 1 minute 8 seconds to 18 seconds! Thans so much :-D


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scottkf commented Nov 8, 2012

This also fixed some other issues rspec+capybara-webkit was having as well. Thanks!


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klebervirgilio commented Jan 16, 2013

Cool!! Thanks!

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