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Upgrading pkgin repository for a SmartOS zone.

Upgrading SmartOS zone

Make a snapshot first! Upgrading from 2013Q1 to 2013Q3 because I needed newer nginx.

Update pkgin repository

edit the files at:


to use 2013Q3 path, and then:

# pkgin update
# pkgin fug
pkgin: scmgit-base- has no associated repository

Looks like git did not survive the upgrade so I had to manually uninstall it. So:

# pkgin rm scmgit-base-
4 packages to delete: scmgit- build-essential-1.1 scmgit-gitk- scmgit-base-
proceed ? [Y/n] y
removing scmgit-
removing build-essential-1.1...
removing scmgit-gitk-
removing scmgit-base-
pkg_install warnings: 0, errors: 0
reading local summary...
processing local summary...
updating database: 100%
# pkgin fug

Then 96 packages to update, 106 to install... and finally:

# pkgin in scmgit
# svcadm restart nginx

Rebooted the machine to be sure, and all good!

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