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Last active December 7, 2023 22:18
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Suspend and then hibernate after 60 minutes

I found a post about suspending and then going into hibernate that included a really clever script. Turns out that with NixOS this is even esaier to coordinate as you have systemd so can have a before and after service. I just include this in my /etc/nixos/configuration.nix file and nixos-rebuild; then a systemctl suspend or a close of the lid will cause the hibernate timer to be set.

{ config, pkgs, ... }: let
hibernateEnvironment = {
HIBERNATE_LOCK = "/var/run/autohibernate.lock";
in {"awake-after-suspend-for-a-time" = {
description = "Sets up the suspend so that it'll wake for hibernation";
wantedBy = [ "" ];
before = [ "systemd-suspend.service" ];
environment = hibernateEnvironment;
script = ''
curtime=$(date +%s)
echo "$curtime $1" >> /tmp/autohibernate.log
echo "$curtime" > $HIBERNATE_LOCK
${pkgs.utillinux}/bin/rtcwake -m no -s $HIBERNATE_SECONDS
serviceConfig.Type = "simple";
};"hibernate-after-recovery" = {
description = "Hibernates after a suspend recovery due to timeout";
wantedBy = [ "" ];
after = [ "systemd-suspend.service" ];
environment = hibernateEnvironment;
script = ''
curtime=$(date +%s)
sustime=$(cat $HIBERNATE_LOCK)
if [ $(($curtime - $sustime)) -ge $HIBERNATE_SECONDS ] ; then
systemctl hibernate
${pkgs.utillinux}/bin/rtcwake -m no -s 1
serviceConfig.Type = "simple";
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aou commented Apr 17, 2023

this is awesome! suspend-then-hibernate from systemd was first broken by a weird spat between the maintainer and everyone else, then kinda stopped working entirely for me. This config works, with one minor addition you might want to add at some point -- if you have an nvidia card and use the power management systemd services, then hibernate-after-recovery should come after "nvidia-resume.service".

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I tested it on my nixos setup and works as intended. Many thanks 😁. Was curious as to why before it goes to hibernation it needs to wake up first from suspend.

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