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Front-End Challenge

The setting

We want to pay one of our advisors. We direct him to a page where he can see he's going to be paid $100. At the bottom of the page he will be able to choose if a part of his earnings will go to charity.

The challenge

Implement with html, css and js the following radio buttons selection.

View sliding_panel.sass
$width: 480px
+box-shadow(-1px 1px 2px rgba(0,0,0,.3))
+animation(slide 0.5s forwards)
position: fixed
bottom: 0
top: 0
right: -$width
z-index: 100
window.Peacock = Ember.Application.create
Resolver: Ember.DefaultResolver.extend
resolveTemplate: (parsedName) ->
parsedName.fullNameWithoutType = 'peacock/' + parsedName.fullNameWithoutType
return this._super(parsedName
View online_detailed_logging.rb
# Outputs this at warn log level:
# GET /path 200 OK BlahController#action HTML 938.2 (DB 11.8, View 719.7) {params} {optional params from flash[:log]}
# Save as config/initializers/oneline_detailed_logging.rb. Consider
# decreasing the log level from "info" to "warn" (in production.rb) so
# the one-line log message replaces the standard request logs.
# override process_action to add 2 things to the payload:
# - remote IP
set fish_git_dirty_color red
set fish_git_branch_color purple
set fish_ruby_version_color yellow
function prompt_git_dirty
git diff > /dev/null 2>&1
if test $status != 0
echo ''
View email.rb
class Email < OpenStruct
class Template
def initialize
@@config ||= YAML::load(, 'config', 'emails.yml')))
def method_missing(name, *args, &block)
@@config[name.to_s] or super
View docs.txt
GET /v1/arenas/7c7cc101-70dd-41dd-a1ec-2ec680c642a0
Response body:
"arena": {
"id": "7c7cc101-70dd-41dd-a1ec-2ec680c642a0",
"name": "Clinton St. Baking Co. & Restaurant",
"latitude": 40.721294,
"longitude": -73.983994,
View spec_helper.rb
config.after(:each, type: :request) do
# I want to create a new file for each group of requests
# These grouped by a describe like 'Rounds Requests', 'Arenas Requests'
# The second level in the group describes the action like 'GET /v1/rounds', 'POST /v1/users/me/buddies'
example_group = example.metadata[:example_group]
example_groups = []
while example_group
example_groups << example_group
View _fontawesome.scss
/* Font Awesome
the iconic font designed for use with Twitter Bootstrap
The full suite of pictographic icons, examples, and documentation
can be found at:
The Font Awesome webfont, CSS, and LESS files are licensed under CC BY 3.0: A mention of
View scheduler_default_recipe.rb
['backup', 'whenever'].each do |gem_name|
rbenv_gem gem_name
rbenv_gem 'fog' do
version '~> 1.9.0'
rbenv_gem 'net-ssh' do
version '2.5.2'
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