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~ Loaded DEVELOPMENT Environment...
~ loading gem 'merb_activerecord' ...
~ loading gem 'activerecord' ...
~ loading gem 'merb_activerecord' ...
~ Connecting to database...
~ Compiling routes...
"merb paginate for AR"
~ Using 'share-nothing' cookie sessions (4kb limit per client)
Named Routes
artist_photos: /artists/:artist_id/photos
artist_categories: /artists/:artist_id/categories
new_category_photo: /categories/:category_id/photos/new
category: /categories/:id
thumbnails: /thumbnails
new_photo: /photos/new
artist_category_photos: /artists/:artist_id/categories/:category_id/photos
artist_sites: /artists/:artist_id/sites
new_category: /categories/new
artist_photo: /artists/:artist_id/photos/:id
artist_category: /artists/:artist_id/categories/:id
edit_category_photo: /categories/:category_id/photos/:id/edit
categories: /categories
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