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UE5 metasounds stuff

You can check out the Early Access version that has shipped but also follow along with development in UE5/Main on github.

MetaSounds are currently entirely written in a plugin and they can be extended by other plugins. Here's the MetaSound plugin source --

Probably the easiest way to experiment and get started is to just check out any of the existing MetaSound nodes and use them as a crib for how to make a new node. It's as easy as dropping in a new (single) cpp file in the project and compiling it. Check out specifically this folder:

Here's, for example, the source for the stereo delay node:

Note the boilerplate that is needed to define inputs/outputs, tooltips, vertex (pin) registration, types, defaults, etc. There is some boilerplate! One interesting technical detail of MetaSounds is that they feature "sample accurate" triggering for events through a special trigger pin type. Here's a node that shows that working: Note the bifurcation of the render block using lambda's on the trigger reference

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mattetti commented Jun 3, 2021

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