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@mattf mattf/gist:3911872
Created Oct 18, 2012

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7.6 -> 7.8 schedd stats
WINDOWED_STAT_WIDTH STATISTICS_WINDOW_SECONDS // quantized to schedd_stats_window_quantum = 200
WindowedStatWidth RecentStatsLifetime
JobsSubmitted RecentJobsSubmitted
JobsSubmittedCumulative JobsSubmitted
JobsStarted RecentJobsStarted
JobsStartedCumulative JobsStarted
JobsExited RecentJobsExited
JobsExitedCumulative JobsExited
JobsCompleted RecentJobsCompleted
JobsCompletedCumulative JobsCompleted
ShadowExceptions RecentJobsExitException
ShadowExceptionsCumulative JobsExitException
<null> RecentJobsAccumTimeToStart
SumTimeToStartCumulative JobsAccumTimeToStart
<null> RecentJobsAccumRunningTime
SumRunningTimeCumulative JobsAccumRunningTime
JobSubmissionRate RecentJobsSubmitted / RecentStatsLifetime
JobCompletionRate RecentJobsCompleted / RecentStatsLifetime
JobStartRate RecentJobsStarted / RecentStatsLifetime
MeanTimeToStart RecentJobsAccumTimeToStart / RecentJobsStarted
MeanTimeToStartCumulative JobsAccumTimeToStart / JobsStarted
MeanRunningTime RecentJobsAccumRunningTime / RecentJobsCompleted
MeanRunningTimeCumulative JobsAccumRunningTime / JobsCompleted
UpdateTime <null> // subtract StatsLastUpdateTime from consecutive ads
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