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These are some features. They can be implemented in any order you prefer.
* an elevator responds to calls containing a source floor and direction
* an elevator delivers passengers to requested floors
* an elevator doesn't respond immediately. consider options to simulate time
* elevator calls are queued not necessarily FIFO
* you may validate passenger floor requests
* you may implement current floor monitor
* you may implement direction arrows
* you may implement doors (opening and closing)
* you may implement DING!
* there can be more than one elevator
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ermagana commented Jan 30, 2013

Matt, do you still have the links to the gists presented last night?

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mattflo commented Apr 30, 2014

A year later response is better than never... Typically people don't make it very far in this during hack club. If anyone has any compelling solutions, even if they are partial, feel free to link a gist here.

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steven-solomon commented Jun 9, 2018

I've added your kata to an aggregate website, softwarecrafters/kata-log#15

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